Thursday, November 29, 2007

Theophile Foucher: The Man From Montana

   Mesdames J. A. Robillard of James St. and L. J. Z. Robillard of Moody St. as well as Narcisse Foucher of Moody St. were given a real New Year's Surprise Sunday morning when they received a visit from their brother, Joseph T. Foucher of Fort Benton Montana, whom they had not seen for 35 years.
   Mr. Foucher before leaving his home in Montana wrote a letter to his Lowell relatives informing them that he was on his way to Lowell, but the letter did not reach this city until Monday morning, a day after the arrival of the writer. It is needless to say that the reception accorded the visitor was an unusual one, for the Lowellites had been looking for years to see their long lost brother.
   Mr. Foucher left Canada 36 years ago for the western part of the states. He went to Michigan, where he remained for 12 years, during which time he was married. He is now the father of eight children. About 24 years ago he removed to Great Falls, Mont. where he secured employment in the largest smelting plant in the world. A few years ago he took up a government homestead of 320 acres at Fort Benton, Mont. and became so prosperous that two years ago he purchased 240 more acres of land and now is the owner of one of the largest farms in the state.
   Mr. Foucher will remain in Lowell six weeks and then he will tour the New England states and Canada before returning to his home.
Published in The Lowell Sun, Tuesday, 2 January, 1917, pg. 4.

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