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The Wilfrid Albert Family, Lowell, Massachusetts

Son of Isadore and Georgiana..

Isadore and Georgiana Vezina were married 20 Aug 1899 at Lowell, Massachusetts. Isadore's parents are noted as being Edward Albert and Caroline Unknown. Georgiana's parents are documented to be Joseph and Agles Leduc.

I have here my transcriptions of Albert family for the 1910 and 1920 census of Lowell, MA. I also have the 1930 census. However, I did not transcribe it completely. In that particular census Wilfrid is married and living on the Dutton St. front row. He and his family were probably neighbors of my Aunt Victoria Simoneau nee Ferron, she and her sister Blanche ran rooming houses there. Wilfrid Albert's occupation in the 1930 census is that of a laborer in the construction industry. His wife's name is not very legible. It looks like Hermain to me. Both husband and wife are 29 years of age. And both are born in Massachusetts. However, unlike Wilfrid's parents (born in Canada), Hermain's parents were both born in Massachusetts. Wilfrid and Hermain have 4 children at this time; Andrew, age 9; Armand, age 8; Arland, age 4 years and 8 months; and Doris, age years and 5 months.

1930 US Federal Census, 20 Dutton St., Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; 1930; Film: T625; Roll: 921; Ward: 5; Enumeration District: 119; Page: 10A; Image: 288.0.

1910 US Federal Census, 36 Suffolk St., Lowell Middlesex, Massachusetts; Film:T624 Roll: 599; Page: 2B; Ward 2, Enumeration District: 839; Image: 256; Line: 82

Wilfrid A/son/m/w/9/s/Mass/CanFrench/CanFrench/none
Homer/son/m/w/1 and 4/12/s/Mass/CanFrench/CanFrench/none


1920 US Federal Census, 64 Prince St., Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Film: T625; Roll: 711; Page: 5A; Ward: 2; Enumeration District: 184; Image: 32; Line: 30.

Isadore/head/r/m/w/44/m/1885/al/ / /yes/yes/CanFr/CanFr/CanFr/yes/spinner/cottonmill/yes
Georgiana/wife/f/w/43/m/1893/al/ / /yes/yes/CanFr/CaFr/CanFr/yes/none
Wilfrid/son/m/w/19/s/ / / /no/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/operative/cottonmill
Leonel/son/m/w/14/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CaFr/CanFr/yes/none
Blanche/daugh/f/w/13/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/none
Homer/son/m/w/12/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/none
Annette/daugh/f/w/7/s/ / / /yes/ / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none
Alfred/son/m/w/1 and 6/12/s/ / / / / / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none
Dorothy/daugh/f/w/2/12/s/ / / / / / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none

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Lieut. Harriman Promoted to Captain, 1909, Divison 13, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

In my genealogical search of the Harriman family I came across this article in the Boston Daily Globe archives. The archive is made available, for free, through the Boston Public Library.

Published in the Boston Daily Globe 3 Sep 1909, pg. 16

Sergt. George H. Guard Becomes Lieutenant and Patrolman John C. Murphy a Sergeant

Police Commissioner O'Meara in a general order last night appointed one captain, one lieutenant and on sergeant of police. The appointments were not unexpected, as they have been anticipated ever since the death of Capt. William J. Lowery of division 12.
The new superior officers are: Lieut Joseph Harriman of division 15, Charlestown, appointed to the rank of captain and assigned to division 13.
Sergt George H. Guard of division 4, Legrange st, appointed to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to division 15.
Patrolman John C. Murphy of division 16 appointed to the rank of sergeant and assigned to division 4.
In the same order the commissioner transferred Capt George W. Wescott from division 12, City Point, to fill the vacant by the death of Capt Lowery.
All the promotions and the transfer of Capt Wescott take effect tomorrow morning at rollcall.
The promotion of Lieut Harriman is a popular one among the men of the department. He is known as a quiet, retiring officer, fair in his judgement and unflinching in performing his duty. He was made a lieutenant in the general shakeup in March 1908, having been promoted from the rank of sergeant while at division 9.
"Joe" Harriman as he is commonly known, was born in Wiscasset, Me, 48 years ago, March 29, 186 (sic), he was appointed a patrolman and promoted to sergeant Feb 6, 1893. From July 29, 1901 until his appointment to the lieutenancy in March 1908, he was attached to division 9.
Sergt. George H. Guard, who has been appointed lieutenant is a Boston man, having been born in this city July 27, 1863. He enlisted in the regular army and was made a sergeant of calvary July 6, 1888, he was appointed on the force as a reserve officer and sent to division 10, where he was made a regular patrolman Jan 10, 1889.
Later he was made a member of the mounted squad and on May 1, 1898 he was sent to division 16. He was appointed sergeant Oct 25, 1899, and transferred to division 14. Since then he has been attached successively to divisions 16, 12, 9, 11 and 4. In 1904 he was one of the police officers investigated by the commission in the connection with the "Tech riot" of Nov 2, but was exonerated. He is a fine horseman and one the most efficient men on the force.
John C. Murphy, who has been appointed to replace Sergt Guard, was born in Elmira, NY, 33 years ago. He came to Boston in 1895 and was appointed to the force March 7, 1903, being attached to division 12 as a patrolman. Jan 1, 1904 he was transferred to division 16, and May 7, 1907 was made a special officer. In this position he has done good work.

Captain Joseph Harriman was the father of Alfred C. Harriman who married May Wright, daughter of Joseph A Wright and Marie 'Mary' Boudreau, on 11 Aug 1914 in the state of Maine. For more information please search the label Harriman and or Wright.

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The Baptism and Obituary of L'Abbe Louis Robillard

Born and baptised on 14 Feb., 1887 at Ste-Melanie, Joliette. Louis Joseph Octavien Robillard was the son of Octavien Robillard (Jerome, Sophie Moussin dit Lajoie) and Marie Louise Nault. His godparents were Louis Moussin dit Lajoie and Adeline Riberdy. He attended the Seminare de Joliette from 1901-1908. In 1908 he entered into the Grand Seminarie de Montreal and was ordained on 23 Dec 1911. L'abbe Louis Robillard died on 17 April 1954 at the Hotel Dieu in Montreal and was buried in the crypt of the Cathedrale de Joliette on 21 April 1954.

Birth source:
[Gabriel Drouin, Institut Généalogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1887, Ste-Melanie Co-Joiliette P.Q., pg. 2, B.3 Louis Joseph Octavien Robillard, register photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette.]

Death source:
[Copy of obituary, rec'd via e-mail from Jacqui Tiernan on 3 April 2008. Publication date and place unknown.]

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Commonly used words, phrases and symbols in French-Canadian Genealogical Sources

Commonly used words, phrases and symbols in French-Canadian Genealogical Sources:

Words from the webmaster,
"This list is intended as a starting point for English speakers who are attempting to research their French-Canadian ancestry using French language sources. Although the meanings of many common words have changed little or none from the period of the French régime, many others have fallen out of use or have developed different meanings over the years. For the latter, the meanings given herein are primarily those in use during the 1600's and 1700's.
This list is far from complete, but it does include a fair number of words common in documents of the period. As always suggestions and corrections are appreciated and, of course, all errors are entirely mine

I have to thank the webmaster, Steve, as this list of commonly used words and phrases has been an enormous help to me!

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Pierre Jerome Gaspard Robillard, from Ste-Melanie, Quebec to Cohoes NY

In my previous post, The Canadian Album: Men of Canada.. I mention Pierre Jerome Gaspard Robillard, younger brother of Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard. Pierre Jerome Gaspard was born 13 Sep 1871 and baptised the 14th at Ste-Melanie, Joliette, Quebec, to Jerome Robillard and Sophie Riberdy.

[Drouin Gabriel, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1871, Ste-Melanie d'Aillebout, Co-Joliette, P. Q., pg. 10, B.45, P. Jerome Gaspard Robillard, Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette]

He married Marie Delia Bonin (Isidore Bengamen, Itha Meunier dit Lapierre) 1 July 1892 at Saint-Timothee, Beauharois, Quebec.

[Drouin Gabriel, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1892, St-Timothee Co-Beauharnois, P. Q., pg. 2, M.3 Pierre Jerome Gaspard Robillard et Marie Lea Bonin.]

1900 census of Lansingburgh, Rensselaer, New York; Series: T623, Roll: 1150, Ward: 3, Ed: 44, Page: 312, Sheet: 38A, Line: 31

/ /918/Robilard, Gerome/Head/W/M/Sep/1871/28/M/9/ / /Canada(Fr)/Canada/Canada/1870/30/Al/Daylabor/0/yes/yes/yes/R/ /H
..................Delia/Wife/W/F/Aug/1876/23/M/9/3/3/Canada(Fr)/Canada/Canada/1890/10/ / /yes/yes/yes
..................Eva/Daughter/W/F/Aug/1894/5/S/ / / /New York/Canada(Fr)/Canada(Fr)/ / /at sch/ /5
..................Arthur/Son/W/M/Dec/1895/4/S/ / / /New York//Canada(Fr)/Canada(Fr)/
..................Alice/Daughter/W/F/?/1898/1/S/ / / /New York//Canada(Fr)/Canada(Fr)

In this entry Eva's birth place and date are incorrect. She was born 1 Dec 1893 as Marie Delia Caroline Yvonne Robillard in Montreal. She was baptised 2 Dec 1893 at the parish of St-Louis-de-France, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec.(Drouin Gabriel, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1893, St-Louis-de-France de Montreal, P. Q., pg. 83, B.342 Marie Delia Caroline Yvonne Robillard, Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Montreal)

I believe I also have found the family of Pierre Jerome Gaspard Robillard again in the 1910 census of Troy, Rensselaer, New York; Series: T624, Roll: 1070, Ward: 7, Enumeration District: 56, Sheet: 18B, Line: 96, Hoosick St. He is documented as Joseph Robillard.

144/ /462/Robillard, Joseph/Head/M/W/38/M1/18/Can-French/Can-French/Can-French/1895/al/Engish/Brickmaker
................... Delia/Wife/F/W/36/M1/18/6/6/Can-French/Can-French/Can-French/1895/-/French/none
................... Eva/Daughter/F/W/17/S/Can-French/Can-French/Can-French/1895/ /Collar Maker/Collar Mfg.
................... Arthur/Son/M/W/14/S/Massachusetts/Can-French/Can-French/English/none
................... Alice/Daughter/F/W/12/S/New York/Can-French/Can-French/English/none

1910 census of Troy, Rensselaer, New York; Series: T624, Roll: 1070, Ward: 7, Enumeration District: 56, Page: 24B, -Supplemental- Line: 96, Hoosick St.
144/ /4x2/ Robillard, Frank/Son/M/W/10/S/New York/Can-French/Can-French/English/none
................... Mary ?/Daughter/F/W/6/S/New York/Can-French/Can-French/ /none
................... Irene/Daughter/F/W/?/S/New York/Can-French/Can-French/ /none

And again as Joseph Robillard, age 48, with his wife Delia in the 1920 census on 36 Erie St, Cohoes, Albany, New York; Series: T625, Roll: 1083, Enumeration District: 127, Ward: 1, sheet: 3B, Line:67
36/38/59/Robillard, Joseph/Head/R/M/W/48/M/1893/Al/ /yes/yes/Canada/French/Cananda/French/Canada/French/yes/Brick maker/Brick Co.
.................. Delia/Wife/F/W/44/M/1893/Al/ /yes/yes/Canada/French/Cananda/French/Canada/French/yes/none
.................. Arthur/Son/M/W/24/S/ / / / /yes/yes/New York/yes/Brick maker/Brick yard
.................. Francis/Son/M/W/18/M/ / / /no/yes/yes/New York//Canada/French/Cananda/French/yes/Brick maker/Brick yard
.................. Mary/Daughter/F/W/15/S/ / / /no/yes/yes/NewYork//Canada/French/Cananda/French/yes/Runner/Collar Shop
.................. Irene/Daughter/F/W/13/S/ / / /yes/yes/yes/New York//Canada/French/Cananda/French/yes/none
.................. Mary/Daughter-in-law/F/W/18/M/ / / /no/yes/yes/Massachusetts/Massachusetts/Massachusetts/yes/Spinner/Cotton Mill

And lastly in the 1930 census, again with Delia, at the age 59 on Egbert St. in Cohoes, Albany, New York; Series: 7626, Roll: 1404, Ward: 1, Ed: 1-108, sheet: 6-B

67/97/147/Robillard Joseph/Head/R/16.00/ /no/M/W/59/M/21/No/Yes/Canada French/Canada French/Canada French/French/12/42/x/1893/Na/yes/Brick maker/Brick Yard
................... Delia/Wife-H/ / / /No/F/W/54/16/No/Yes//Canada French/Canada French/Canada French/French/12/42/x/1893/Na/yes/None
................... Arthur/Son/ / /x/M/W/34/Wd/28/No/yes/Massachusetts//Canada French/Canada French/ /53/42/0/ / /yes/Brick maker

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The Canadian Album - Men of Canada ..., Robillard et Parent

The Canadian Album: Men of Canada ... - Google Book Search This link will bring you to page 82 of the book, The Canadian Album: Men of Canada... Vol: 5. Joseph E Parent (Isidore, Emelie Hetu), born and baptised on 18 Jan 1858 at the parish of Ste-Melanie D'Aillebout, was the brother of Marie Percide Parent who married (Jos.) Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard (b.15 Apr 1866, Jerome, Sophie Riberdy, Ste-Melanie) 3 Apr 1883 also at the parish of Ste-Melanie D'Aillebout, Joliette, Quebec.

Note: In the marriage document for Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard and Marie Percide Parent

[Drouin Gabriel, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1883, Ste-Melanie d'Aillebout, Co-Joliette, P.Q., pg. 6, M.4 J. Gaspard Robillard et M. Percide Parent, Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette]

the groom's name is documented as being Joseph Gaspard. The only other Gaspard (that I have found thus far) born to Jerome Robillard and Sophie Riberdy is Pierre Jerome Gaspard b. 13 Sep 1871 and baptised 14 Sep 1871 at Ste-Melanie d'Aillebout. There is no Jos. Gaspard born unto the union of Jerome and Sophie. It is my belief that Marie Percide Parent's husband is Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard. If it was Jerome Gaspard he would have been 11 years old at the time of this marriage.

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The Obituary of Moise Courtois, 1930 Lowell, Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun 27 Jan 1930, pg. 21

COURTOIS--Moise Courtois, a well known resident of this city for over 63 years, died yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wilfred Mailloux, 28 James street, after a long illness, at the age of 86 years and 6 months. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Wilfrid Mailloux, Mrs Eugene Fauvel, Mrs. Irene Hebert and Miss Aldea Courtois; three sons, Theophile Napoleaon and Charles Courtois, all of Lowell; four sisters, Mrs. Moise Mailloux of Lowell, Mrs. Simon Langlois of St. david, P. Q., Miss Denise Courtois and Miss Delphine Courtois, both of Lowell, and one brother, Oliver Courtois of Lynn; 25 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. He was a member of the Third order of St. Francis, Holy family society and of the Union samuel de Champlain of the French-American Foresters.

COURTOIS--Died in this city, Jan. 26 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wilfrid Mailloux, 28 James Street, Mr. Moise Courtois, aged 86 years and 6 months. Funeral Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock from 28 James Street. At 8 o'clock at St. Jean Baptiste church a solemn high funeral mass will be celebrated. Relatives and friends invited to attend. Burial in St. Joseph cemetery. Undertaker Joseph Albert in charge.

Moise was the husband of Clothilde Longtin married 19 Sep 1871 at Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts..

The Obituary of Clothilde Courtois nee Longtin, 1917 Lowell, Massachusetts

Published 31 May 1917, pg. 4

COURTOIS-Mrs. Clotilde (Longtin) Courtois, wife of Moise Courtois, aged 62 years, died yesterday at her home, 103 Tucker St. Desceased had conducted a grocery business at Hall and Tucker streets for over 20 years. She leaves behind her husband, four sons, Arthur, Charles, Napoleon and Theophile; four daughters, Mrs. Eva Mailloux, Mrs. Alice Savall, Mrs. Irene Hebert and Miss Aldea Courtois; three brothers, Ferdinand of this city, Antoine and Joseph Longtin in Canada; also three sisters in Canada. She was a member of Ste. Annes sodality of St. Joseph's parish.

Published in The Lowell Sun 1 June 1917, pg 3

The Funeral of Mrs. Moise Courtois took place this morning from the home, 103 Tucker street. Solemn high mass of requim was celebrated at St. Joseph's church 8 o'clock by Rev. Julien Racette, O.M.I., assisted by Rev. Armand Baron O.M.I as deacon, and Rev. Eugene Turcotte O.M.I. as sub-deacon. The bearers were Theophile, Arthure and Charles Courtois, Joseph Hebert, Eugene Trudel, Gaudias Fournier and Wilfred Mailloux. St. Anne's soldality was represented by Mesdames Charles Lirette, A Langlais, L. Lusigan and J Albert. Among the floral offering were a cross on base with the inscription"Wife and Mother, " family; pillow inscribed "Sister, " Fred Longtin and other pieces from J. B. Pelneault, Eugen Labrie, Alba Mayo, employees of the Lawrence Mfg. Co., Mr and Mrs A. O. Langlais, Denise Courtois and others. Burial was in St. Josep's cememtery, where the committal prayers were read by Rev Fr. Baron, O.M.I. funeral arrangements were in charge of Undetakers Joseph Albert & Son.

The marriage cert for Clothilde and her husband Moise Courtois has been posted here.. For more information search the label Longtain.

Also there was a legal notice published in The Lowell Sun on 18 Jun 1917, pg. 7 in regard to Clothilde's will.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Middlesex ss. Probate Court.
To the heirs-at-law, next of kin and all other persons interested in the calate of Clotilde Courtois, late of Lowell, in said county, deceased.
Wheras, a certain instrument purporting to be the last wil and testament of said deceased has been presented to said Court, for Probate, by Moise Courtois, who prays that letters testamentary may be issued to him, the executor therein named without giving a surety on his official bond.
You are herbt cited to appear at a Probate Court, to be hald at Lowell in said County of Middlesex on the nineteeth day of June, A.D., 1917 at nine o'clock in the forenoon to show cause if any you have, why the same should not be granted.
And said petitioner is hereby directed to give public notice thereof, by publishing this citation once in each week, for three successive week, in this The Lowell Sun, a newspaper published in Lowell, the last publication to be one day at least before said court and by mailing postpaid, or delivering a copy of this citation to all known persons interested in the calate, seven days at least before said Court.
Witness Charles J. McIntire, Esquire, First Judge of said Court, this sixteenth day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventeen.
F. M. ESTY, Register

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The Obituary of Flavien Maille, 1931 Lowell, Massachusetts

Published 18 July 1931 in The Lowell Sun, pg. 15

MAILLE--Flavien Maille, a well known citizen of this city died this morning at his home, 19 Lilly avenue, at the age of 67 years, 5 months and 9 days. The deceased was a resident of this city for the past 54 years and counted many friends. He leaves his wife, Mrs Adela (Gagnon) Maille, one daughter, Mrs Onesime Saucier; five sons, Pierre Maille of Dracut, Mass., Edmond, Herve, George and Arthur Maille all of this city; three brothers Adam Maille of Dracut Mass., Edmond Maille of this city and Henri Maille of North Chelmsford, Mass. He also leaves 27 grandchildren. Funeral notice later. Funeral Director M. R. Laurin in charge.

MAILLE-- The funeral of Flavien Maille took place this morning at 8:30 o'clock from his home of 19 Lilly avenue, and was largely attended by relatives and friends. At 9 o'clock at St. Louis church a solemn high funeral mass was celebrated by Rev. Roland Daudelin, assisted by Rev. Arthur Mercier as deacon and Rev. Remi Maynard as sub-deacon. The church choir, under the direction of Edouard Coutu, sang Perreault's mass. The soloists were Mrs Idola Campbell, Miss Ruth Desrosiers, Messrs. Julie Morrissette and Eugene Guilbeault. At the offertory Mr. Coutu sang Yon's "Domlni Jesu Christi." At the Communion Mres Campbell and Mr Coutu sand Stocklin's "Misereremini Mei." After the libera Mr Edouard F. Gregoire sang " Les Dernieres Paroles d'Un Pere." Miss Ida Mongrain was the organist. The bearers were Messrs. Pierre Maille, Edmond Maille, Herve Maille, George Maille, Arthur Maille and Onesime Saucier. There were may spiritual bouquets and floral tributes. Burial took place in the family lot at St. Joseph's Cemetery, were Rev. Roland Daudelin read the committal prayers. Funeral arrangements were in charge of Funeral Director M. R. Laurin.

Published in The Lowell Sun 21 July 1931, pg. 15

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1916 Annual Report of the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture, Joseph A. Maille

Annual Report of the Massachusetts ... - Google Book Search
Joseph Adam Maille won merit for the encouragement in dairying in the owners class competition. Owners competing and winning in Dracut that same year were the Bryant Bros., Leblanc Bros., Bert A Cluff and Everett B Fox..

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The Golden Anniversary of Mr & Mrs Joseph Adam Maille of Lowell and Dracut Massachusetts

Dracut Couple, Honored by Family and Friends
Surrounded by their family and intimate friends, Mr and Mrs. J. Adam Maille, of Arlington Street, Dracut, celebrated the golden anniversary of their marriage yesterday rather than on the usual date, Jan 30. The party in their honor was a great success and had many attractive features. The Maille home had been attractively decorated, illumination of the Christmas colors lighting the exterior while Yuletide novelties were artistically arranged inside. Dinner was served at 2 o'clock by the grandaughters of the celebrants, Mrs Alfred Dufour, Miss Juliette Maille, Miss Claire Daigle, Miss Rachel Maille, Miss Rita Daigle, Mr and Mrs Moise Daigle were in general charge.
Among those at the dinner were Rev. J. J. Tremblay of St. Louis parish, Rev. Leo Savignac of Mainville, R. I., Rev. Sister St. Jean d'Avila, a daughter; Rev. Sister St. Pierre Celestin of St. Joseph's convent; Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Maille, Mr and Mrs. Fabien Maille of Lowell, Osias Jasmin of Dracut, Mr and Mrs. Henri Cayer of Woonsocket, R. I., Mr and Mrs. Pierre Jutras of Providence, R. I., Azarie Z. Coutu of Nashua, N.H., all relatives of the celebrants, as well as all the sons and daugther and the latter's children.
J. Adam Maille and Maria Prud'homme were married in Lowell by Rev. Andre Garin, OMI, the ceremony being performed at the Immaculate Conception rectory as St. Jean Baptiste parish had not established a rectory at that time. Mr. Maille was a well known builder of Lowell and about 23 years ago they purchased their first home in Arlington street, where Mr. Maille carries on his farming business, but he specializes in Milk. Their place known as "Elm Farm." They have 6 children, Adam Jr., and Ernest both of Dracut; Rev. Sister St. Jean d'Avila of St. Joseph's convent of Lowell, Mrs Moise Daigle of Dracut, Cuthbert of Nashua, N.H., and Ludger Maille, who resides with his parents. They also have 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
Following dinner there was an address by Adam Maille Jr., and Priscilla Maille presented Mr and Mrs. Maille a purse of gold and a huge bouquet. Little Rita Daigle presented the bouquet while Elmer Maille presented the couple a five dollar gold piece in his own name. The superior of St. Joseph's convent presented a basket of flowers to the couple with the best wishes of her community.
An enjoyable feature of the celebration was the singing by the Sisters of the Grey Nuns of St. Joseph of the cross, who sang "Le Carillon des Noce Il'Or, " Contique de Nouvel An" and several Christmas carols. Other entertainment numbers included violin selections by Alfred Dafour; piano solos, Juliette Maille, Rachel Maille, Mrs Alfred Dufour, Mrs. Ernest Maille, Mr Moise Daigle, and songs by Mrs. Edmond Maille and other of the company. Adam Maille Jr., acted as a master of ceremonies for the day.
Published in The Lowell Sun 2 Jan 1931, pg. 24

The Obituary of Joseph A. Maille, 1933, Dracut, Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun 20 Feb 1933, pg. 17

MAILLE -- Joseph A Maille a prominent resident of Dracut and very well known in this city where he lived for many years before removing to Dracut, died this morning at his home, Arlington street, Dracut. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Maria (Prud'homme) Maille, three sons, Ernest and Ludger Maille of Dracut and Cuthbert of Londonderry, NH; two daughters, Rev. Sister Jean d'Avila of the Grey Nuns of the Cross of St. Joseph's convent, this city, and Mrs. Moise L. Daigle of Dracut; and two brothers, Edmond and Henry Maille of this city. Deceased was a member of Court St. Antoine, OFC.

Published 23 Feb 1933, pg. 4


MAILLE--The funeral of J. A. Maille, a prominent resident of Dracut took place this morning at eight o'clock from his home, Arlington street, Dracut, and was largely attended. A solemn high Funeral mass was celebrated at 9 o'clock at St. Louis Church by Rev. Arthur O Mercier, assisted by Rev. Roland Dandelin, as deacon and Rev. Remi Maynard, as sub deacon. Seated within the sanctuary were Rev. Louis G. Bachand, OMI, pastor and Rev. Arthur J Lemire, OMI, assistant pastor, both of St. Jean Baptiste church. The church choir, under the direction of Conrad Gregoire, san Perreault's mass. The solos of the mass were sung by Mrs. Idola Campbell, Miss Ruth Desrosiers, Edward Desrosiers, Edward Coutu, J. Omer Allard, Jules Morrissette, Rodolphe Asselin and Etienne Bernier. At the offertory Mr. Morrissette sun Leybach's "Pie Jesu;" at the Communion, Stoeklin's "Misereremini Mei" was sung in duet by Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Coutu. At the end of the libera the choir sang "De Profondis" and as the body was taken from the church Faure's "Crucifix" was sung in duet by Mr Coutu and Mr Gregoire. Miss Ida Mongrain was the organist. Attending the mass were the Grey Nuns of Charity of the Franc-American orphanage; Grey Nuns of the Cross of St. Joseph's convent, St. Joseph's hospital and Ste. Jeanne d'Arc convent. There were also the pupils of Rev. Sister St. Jean d'Avila, a daughter of the deceased, from St. Joseph's parochial school. The attendance at the mass was unusually large. The bearers who also represented Court St. Antoine, OFC, were Edmond Lambert, Alphonse Desrochers, Adolphe Rondeau, Adelard Sylvestre, Gustave Bourgeois and Charles M. Paille. Representing the League of the Sacred Heart were J. B. Guilbault, Joseph Champagne, Oliver Clement, Joseph Madore, Alcide Champagne and Narcisse Belleville. The Franco-American club of Dracut was represented by Alphonse Dalphond, Zoel Houle, Alphonse Biosson and Euchariste Bellefeuille. There were many beautiful flowers. From out of town were Mr and Mrs Cuthbert Maille, Emile Maille, Leo Maille, Miss Rachel Maille and Gerald Maille, the alter boy during the mass, all from Londonderry, NH; Mrs. Hornisdas Guilbault and Herve Beaulieu of Providence, RI; Mr and Mrs Philip Cayer, Mr and Mrs Henry Cayer and Mr and Mrs Hervo Cayer of Woonsocket, RI; and Cleophas Maille of Fitchburg. Burial was in the family lot in St. Joseph's Cemetery, where committal prayers were read by Rev. Mr. Mercier. The funeral arrangements were in charge of Funeral directors Amedee Archambault & Sons.

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The Obituary of Joseph Neree 'Henry' Ferron, 1955, Dracut, Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun 26 Feb 1955, pg. 3.

Nerre Ferron, better known as Henry Ferron and husband of Rose-Anna Gauthier Ferron of 483 Nashua road, Dracut, died yesterday at his home. He was born in Canada, the son of Glaude and Anna Rabouin. Ferron removing here at an early age where he resided in Lowell primarily and for the past 42 years in Dracut. Surviving him is his wife; fours sons, Leo, Raymond, Arthur and John, of Dracut; three daughters, Mrs Henry Bartlett, Mrs. Albert Sims and Mrs Francis McCarthy of Dracut; a brother, Joseph Ferron of Lowell; four sisters, Mrs. Joseph Gagnon of Chelmsford, Mrs. Alfred Simoneau and Mrs. Robert Moran of Lowell, and Mrs. Blanche Guilmette of Tulsa Okla: 18 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

FERRON-Died in Dracut, Feb 25. Neree Ferron better known as Henry Ferron. Friends are invited to call at the Archambault funeral home, 311 Pawtucket street, from 7 to 10 pm today and on Sunday and Monday from 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 pm. Funeral Tuesday morning. At 10o'clock at Ste. Mary;s of the Assumption church, Dracut. A solemn high mass of requiem will be celebrated and burial will take place in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Funeral Directors Amedee Archambault & Son in charge.

Joseph Neree Ferron baptized on 26 April, 1891, né la veille at St-Paulin, Maskinongne to Claude Ferron and Georgiana Rabouin. Godparents: Edmond Grobouin & Lizie Germain (I am not sure the spelling of the godparent's names are correct, they are hard to decipher in the image)

(Drouin Gabriel, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1891, St-Paulin, Co-Maskinonge, P.Q., B.40 Joseph Neree Ferron, Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Trois Rivieres)

The Obituary of Marie Aldea "Blanche" Guillmette nee Ferron, 1977, Lowell, Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun 24 May 1977, pg. 22

Mrs. Blanche Gullmette
Lowell - Mrs. Blanche (Ferron) Guilmette of 33 Cosgrove St., wife of the late Arthur P. Guilmette, died last night at the Casa Grande Nursing Home in Tewksbury.
Born in St. Paulin, Canada, she was the daughter of the late Claude and the late Georgiana (Raboin) Ferron. At the time of her death she was retired, having been a proprietor of a lodging house on Dutton Street.
She was a communicant of Notre Dame de Lourdes Church, a member of the Ladies Sodality of her parish and a member of the Marguerite D'Youville Charity League of the Franco American School.
She is survived by one daughter; Mrs. Doris Cooper of Tulsa, Oklahoma and two sisters; Mrs Victoria Simoneau and Mrs. Yvonne Moran, both of Lowell.

I believe Blanche to be the same Marie Aldea Ferron baptised in St. Paulin Maskinonge on 7 Nov 1889 née la veille (born the previous day) to Claude Ferron and Georgiana Rabouin

(Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, 1889 St. Paulin Co-Maskinongne, PQ - B 64 Marie Aldea Ferron Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Trois Rivieres- Godparents: Joseph Rabouin & Rosalie Ferron).

I believe this to be true because in the 1930 census of 25 Dutton St. there is an Aldea Guillmette who is the head, age 40, married, 1st marriage at age 16, occupation is listed as Lodging House (although it states she is married in the census I do not see her husband documented in the census of her household). There is also a Doris Gillmette age 12 who is her daughter.

Also it is stated in the above obituary that, like her sister Victoria Simoneau nee Ferron, Blanche also ran a rooming house on the Dutton Street

Reference for the census of 25 Dutton St., Lowell Ma is (1930 U.S. Census) Massachusetts Series: T626 Roll: 921 pg. 142 ED 9-119 Ward 5 Line 13

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The Obituary of Alfred A. Simoneau, 1953, Lowell, Middlesex Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun 29 Apr 1953, pg. 3

Alfred A. Simoneau, husband of Mrs. Victoria (Ferron) Simoneau, a resident of Lowell for the past 50 years, died at his home, 25 Dutton street last night. He was an employee of the Boston & Maine railroad as a machinist and was a member of the Brotherhood Federation of Mechanics No. 18. Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, Denis Simoneau of Lowell and Maurice Simoneau of Nashua, N. H.; one brother, Joseph E Simoneau of Lowell; four sisters, Mrs. Cleophas D'Amour of Willmantic, Conn., Mrs Adelard Thibeault of Dorchester, Mrs Elzear Maillous of Point de Garde, Canada and Mrs Onezime Dufour of Ste. Felicite, Canada, and five grandchildren. He was a member of the Holy name Society of St. Jean Baptiste parish and the Orphans Bread fund of the French American Orphanage.

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Cupid's Corner, The Marriage of Noella Robillard nee Thurber & Patrick Bernier, 1948 Lowell, Massachusetts

Patrick A Bernier, widowed, Plainfiled Conn., plastic worker; Noella M. Robillard nee Thurber, widowed, 694 Middlesex Street home.

The Lowell Sun, 20 Aug 1948 pg. 14

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The Obituary of Patrick Bernier, 1962, Lowell, Massachusetts

I count 17 children. Were they all Noella's?

>>>Update- Per Jacqui's findings left in the comment section of this post.. No, they were not all Noella's. 12 children were born to Patrice "Patrick" Bernier and his wife Emilda Rousseau in Cap-St-Ignace. Please see the comment section for more information.

Obituary published in The Lowell Sun 27 Oct 1962, pg. 3

Patrick Bernier
Patrick Bernier, 80, husband of Mrs. Noella (Thurber) (Robillard) Bernier, died yesterday morning. He was born in Canada, the son of the late Ferdinand and Philomene Bernier and had been a resident of this community for
many years. He made his home at 694 Middlesex street and was a communicant of Notre dame de Lourdes church. He was a member of the Holy Name Society and of the Friends of Notre Dame de Lourdes. Besides his wife, he is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Irene Bernier of Plainfield, Conn., Mrs. Gilberte Walsh of Packer, Conn., Mrs. Rebecca Johnson of Norwich, Conn., Mrs. Gracia Howarth of Plainfield Conn., Mrs. Rose Mainville of Norwich, Conn.; seven sons, Rudolph Bernier of Central Village Conn., Antonio Bernier, Valere Bernier and Armond Bernier all of Plainfield, Conn., Ferdinand Bernier of Central Village, Conn., Gerard Bernier and Paul Bernier of both of Plainfield, Conn.; four step daughters, Mrs. Edward Dubriel of Pelham, N. H., Miss Rita Robillard of Miami Beach, Florida, Mrs. Richard Therrien of Lowell and Mrs. Harold Rybacki of Dudley; a stepson, Henry Robillard of Chicopee; 15 grandchildren.

For reference to Patrick's age per Jacqui's finding's left in the comment section of this post.. Given Jacqui's information it seems most likely that Patrick was 80 when he died and not 60, and I have corrected the transcribed obituary above to reflect the given information.. But, in the sake of my own defense ( maybe I need glasses : ) I think you can see how I mistook the 80 for a 60. Let's see what other's think. Jacqui?

Actual size..


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The Obituary of Alfred Clark Harriman, 1919, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, husband of May Wright

Here is Alfred's obituary, published 25 Jan., 1919 in The Boston Daily Globe, pg. 10. This is the only write up I have found so far. I looked in the NY Times, but there was nothing.

HARRIMAN--In Jamaica Plain, Jan 24, Alfred C. Harriman, in his 32nd year, husband of May E and only son of Capt. and Mrs. Joseph Harriman. Funeral services at his parents residence, 811 Center St., Jamaica Plain, Sunday Jan. 28?, at 2:30 pm.

Alfred C. Harriman married Mary "May" Elizabeth Wright (Joseph, Marie "Mary" Boudreau) on Tuesday 11 Aug 1914 in Wiscasset, Maine. [Source: Maine State Archives]

Just a note; I found a May Harriman, widow, 32 yrs old, in the 1920 Manhattan census on West 135th St.(there was only one May Harriman in all of NY), it documents her as doing clerical work in studio. Living with her as roomers are Russell Mack and his wife.
Our May as born 31 May 1887 in Boston : ) She died, Apr. 1967 in Manhattan, NY, NY. Verified per her SSDI listing. I believe the May in the 1920 census is our May Harriman, nee Wright.

Alfred's WWI Draft Card. It documents him as follows:

Name in full: Alfred Clark Harriman
Age in years: 29
Home address: 620 135th New York, NY
Date of birth: 12 July 1887
Are you (1) a natural born citizen(2) naturalized (3) an alien(4) or have you declared your intention(specify which)? natural born
Where were you born, Rocksbury Mass (Roxsbury)
What is your present trade occupation or office: Musical Arranger
By whom employed; Broadway Music
Where employed: 145 W 45th St
Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12 solely dependant on you for support (specify which) ? Wife
Married or single (which)? Married
Race (specify which) Caucasian

etc. etc... It goes on to state that he is 6 ft tall, with brown hair, and blue eyes. His signature is on the bottom of page 1 and it is dated 5 Jun., 1917.

Joseph Harriman and Clara E. unknown were Alfred's parents, and both were supposedly born in Maine. Joseph Harriman was a policeman in J.P., hence the usage of the abbrev. Capt. in Alfred's obit. Info on Alfred's parents and birth come from the MA State Archives. [Harriman Alfred Clark Boston 1887 378 237 Birth]

Ziegfeld follies. That’s the k... Digital ID: G99C409_001. New York Public Library
1917 Ziegfeld Follies. That's the Kind of a Baby for Me / Lyrics by Alfred C. Harriman ; Music by J. C. Egan

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Understanding the Concepts of Consanguinity and Age of Majority in Genealogy

There are four basic degrees of consanguinity:

First degree: siblings, who share the same parents
Second degree: first cousins, who share the same grandparents
Third degree: second cousins, who share the same great grandparents
Fourth degree: third cousins, who share the same great, great grandparents

To learn more please see this article at The Island Register.
and Lucie Consentino's article on consanguinity at her website, Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home

Claude Robillard and the Royal Court of Montreal

There are lots goodies at Voici Ma Famille. I am adding this site to my list of resources over there on the right.

Here is the abstract of an image I found..
Procès contre Marie Madeleine Gibault, accusé d'avoir abandonné son nouveau né dans un tas de fumier devant la grange de Claude Robillard, boucher . - 12 juillet 1697 - 10 septembre 1697 - 25 document(s) textuel(s)
and translated by my favorite tool Google Translate...
Trial of Marie Madeleine Gibault, accused of having abandoned her newborn baby in a pile of manure in front of the barn of Claude Robillard, butcher. -- July 12, 1697 - September 10, 1697 -- 25 document (s)
I believe Marie Madeleine Gibault was hung for her crime of attempted infanticide.

There are 94 images related to this... I don't think I'll be looking into these. But just in case someone wants to, here is the link.
Further down on the above linked page you see the name of Marie Grandin mentioned, the spouse of Claude Robillard. So yes, these files involve our Claude Robillard who came over to Canada from France at the young age of 13.

I didn't know Claude was boucher (butcher).. Hmmm, now isn't that just a lil bit of useless trivia for you Robillard genealogy buffs. Hey, don't laugh, I know you're out there. I check my stats. Lol : )

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The Obituary of Francis H. Robillard, 1993 Nashua, New Hampshire, husband of Thelma Wells and Evelyn O' Connor

Francis H Robillard
....formerly of Lowell
PITTSBURG N.H. -- Francis H Robillard, 67, of Route 3, formerly of the Centralville section of Lowell, died Thursday morning at the Nashua Memorial Hospital. Mr. Robillard was the husband of Evelyn M (O'Connor) Robillard.
Born in Lowell on Feb. 12, 1926, he was a son of the late Joseph and Louise (Wright) Robillard. While living in Lowell he was a communicant of St. Michael's Church.
He was also the husband of Thelma M (Wells) Robillard who died in 1983.
Until his retirement he had been employed by the Laborers Union, Local 429.
During the Korean conflict he served as a sergeant with the Army's 27th Ordnance Maitenance Company. He received the Korean Service Medal with two bronze stars.
A resident of Pittsburg for the past seven years, he was a member of the Pittsburg Grange, the Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club and the Pittsburg Historical Society.
Surviving him, besides his wife, are two daughters, Mrs Frederick (Margaret) Lemire-Berthel of Londonderry and Gail S Robillard of Lowell; three sons, Alan F Robillard and his wife Sandra of Wasilla, Alaska, Wayne E Robillard of Hudson and Norman P Robillard of Lowell; a stepdaughter, Shaelagh Kennedy of Nashua; five stepsons, Sean Dillion of Pittsburg, Timothy Dillon of Indianapolis, Ind., Kerry Dillon of Chelmsford, Mass., and Michael Dillion of Nashua; two sisters, Rose Chandonnet of Florida and Joan Greene of Lowell; five brothers, James Robillard of Sanford, Maine, Joseph Robillard of Pembroke Pines Fla., Robert Robillard of Lowell, Richard Robillard of Alaska abnd Jerome Robillard of Merrimack; six grandchildren, James A and Christine Obara, Joseph and Jessica Robillard, Arielle and Dominique Rivera and several nieces and nephews.
Publication information unknown. Rec'd copy from Margaret Lemire-Berthel nee Robillard 17 Nov 2007.

The Obituary of Joseph H. Robillard, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1983

Joseph H Robillard
....World War I veteran
Joseph H Robillard, of 65 Summer St., husband of Mrs. Louise E (Wright) Robillard died yesterday after a lengthy illness. He was born in Canada and had been a resident of Lowell more than 50 years.He was the son of the late Arthur and Philomene (Foucher) Robillard. Before his retirement he worked as a maintenance man at J.P. Stevens Mills for several years. He was a veteran of World War I. He was a member of the Lowell Indian Association being Chief Grey Wolf and the Chanteclerc Snowshoer Club.Besides his wife he is survived by two daughter, Mrs. Rose Chandonnet of Colorado and Mrs Joan Greene of West Groton; six sons, James Robillard of Maine, Joseph of Florida, Frank of Lowell, Robert of Lowell, Richard of California and Jerome of New Hampshire; a brother, Antonio (Tony) Robillard of Lowell; also 57 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren.
Publication information unknown. Most likely in the Lowell Sun. Copy of publication rec'd from Richard Robillard, Oct 2007.

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The Obituary of Armande H. Robillard nee Rivet, 1990 Lowell, Massachusetts, wife of Joseph Antonio Robillard

 Armande Robillard
...retired housekeeper
Mrs. Armande H. (Rivet) (Ouellette) Robillard , 84, widow of Antonio J. Robillard, died January 1 at St. Joseph's Hospital after a long illness.

She was born in Lowell, Nov. 10, 1905, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Armand (Octavie St. George) Rivet. Mrs. Robillard resided at 174 Common Ave., Lowell and was a communicant of St. Jean Baptiste Church.

Prior to her retirement she was employed as a housekeeper at D'Youville Manor and prior to that was a matron at McGowan-Educator Co., for over 21 years She was the treasurer of the North Common Village Tenant's Council.

She is survived by a step-daughter, Mrs. Claude (Rita) Gelinas of Lowell; two sep-sons, Roland Robillard of Nashua, N. H. and Francis Robillard of Dallas Texas; a sister, Mrs. Irene Redfern, of Cote du lac, Canada; also 10 step-grandchildren and three step-great-grandchildren; also several nieces and nephews.
Armande was the 3rd wife of Joseph Antonio Robillard. Again, I have no marriage dates. Published 3 Jan., 1990 in the Lowell Sun. This copy was found up at the ACGS in Manchester. They have 3 rings binders filled with obits.

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The Obituary of Patricia Rose Riley nee Maille

This picture is of my Godmother, my mother's sister. She was the daughter of Paul E. Maille and Rita G Moran.. It is dated on the back 1963. I really like this picture, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the background.
Haverhill – Patricia R. (Maille) Riley, 63, a Haverhill resident, formerly of Dracut, died Thursday January 26, at the Massachusetts General Hospital following an extended illness. 

She was born in Lowell on December 14, 1942, a daughter of the late Paul E. and Rita (Moran) Maille. While residing in Dracut she was a communicant of St. Francis Church. Ms. Riley was a former cafeteria manager for Corporate Chefs at MKS in Salem, NH, a regional sales manager for Tupperware. Ms. Riley enjoyed her membership at the Salem Athletic Club, she was an avid Red Sox fan, enjoyed visiting Foxwoods Resort. Most of all she enjoyed her family, “Friday Game Nights” and attending her grandchildren’s athletic events. Meme’s was their #1 fan. 

Survivors include three daughters and two sons in law, Elizabeth and Peter Ross of Kingston, NH, Colleen and James Moloney of Londonderry, NH, Kelly Riley of Haverhill, with whom she made her home; a brother and sister in law, David and Diane Maille of Dracut; a sister, Roberta Maille of Manchester, NH; a sister in law, Nancy Maille of Lowell; six grandchildren, Caitlin Moloney, Erin Moloney, Allie Moloney, Ryan Moloney, Charles Ross, PJ Ross; two companions, Wrigley and Murphy Riley; and several nieces and nephews. She was also the sister of the late Claude “Chick” Maille, and Gail Robillard.

Newspaper publication place and date of this obit is unknown. I rec'd this information from an online obituary from the McKenna-Ouellette Funeral Home. http://www.funeralquestions.com/obits/mckenna-ouellette/memorial.asp?listing_id=52130.

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Bisson/Bolduc-Parents Dead and Four Children Sick- The Lowell Sun, 18 October 1918

While this article doesn't pertain to my family, I thought it may be helpful to some one researching these families.
One of the most pitiful cases in this city since the influenza epidemic broke out is that surrounding the death of Mrs. Ludger Bisson nee Elmira Bolduc, which occured last night at St. Johns hospital and by which six little children were made orphans without a relative in this city, for the father died last week.
The little ones are now at the French-American orphanage in Pawtucket street, where it was learned this morning that four of them are confined to their beds with illness. The children and their ages are: Rose Aimee, 13 years; Romeo, 11 years; Adrien, 9 years; Aurientelle, 7 years; Valdore, 4 years and Simonne 2 years and 9 months. All but Rose Aimee and Romeo are ill.
Mr. Bisson was taken ill with influenza in the early part of last week and died a couple of days later. At that time, his wife, who was also ill, grew worse and she was removed to St. John's hospital, while the little ones were taken to the orphanage, where they are given the best of treatment. Mrs. Bisson, who was but 27 years of age passed away last evening and her remains were removed to the funeral parlors of Undertakers Amdee Archambault & Sons in Merrimack Street. It is stated that there are relatives of the family in Canada, but all efforts on the part of friends to locate them have failed. It was learned this morning that arrangements are now being made by friends for the adoption of some of the children.

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The Obituary of Victoria Simoneau nee Ferron, 1990, Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Published 16 Dec 1990, pg. 57 in The Lowell Sun

SIMONEAU - Died December 13. Mrs. Victoria F. (Ferron) Simoneau, formerly of Dutton and Cosgrove Streets, Lowell. Friends may call at Dracut Funeral Home 2159 Lakeview Avenue, DRACUT Monday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Her funeral will take place Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock from the funeral home, followed by her funeral mass to be celebrated at 10 o'clock in Notre Dame de Lourdes Church, Smith St., Lowell. Burial in St. Joseph's Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to a charity of the donor's choice.

Victoria F. Simoneau
...owned rooming house
Victoria F. (Farron) Simoneau, formerly of Dutton and Cosgrove streets, Lowell died Thursday at the Northwood Nursing Home. She was the wife of the late Alfred Simoneau.

She was born in Canada, daughter of the late Claude and Georgianna(Roboulin) Ferron. For more than 30 years Mrs. Simoneau, the first owner of the former Black North Inn on Broadway Road in Dracut, ran a mill-worker rooming house on the Dutton Street Front Row. She also managed Friend's Day-Old Bakery on Cabot Street, where bread was purchased at two and three cents a loaf during the Depression years.

She was a communicant of Notre Dame de Lourdes Church and was a member of the parish's Ladies Sodality. She was also active in St. Anne's Sodality at Notre Dame and Cercle Jeanne Mance. Surviving her are a grandchild, Alan Reedy of Lowell, a stepson, Roland Joseph Simoneau of Lowell and many nieces and nephews.

I am going to look into the history of The Black North Inn. The Village Inn is now what used to be The Black North Inn. I have been told that there was a picture of Victoria Simoneau that hung in the entry way of the Village Inn in Dracut. I would like to see that.

Here is a picture of me and my great Aunt Victoria during the summer of 1968. This picture was taken in the backyard of my grandfather, Paul Maille's house at 163 Meadowcroft St. Lowell, MA. I am sitting on Victoria's lap. My father identified this picture for me. He said he believes the woman on the right might be Paul Maille's mother, Rose Therrien, but he is not sure. He also did not know who the woman on the left is. I believe she may be Victoria's sister Blanche.

Update-24 Apr 2008- Paul Farley (Peter, Yvonne Ferron) and Robert Moran (John, Yvonne Ferron) have further identified this picture. Left to right..Blanche Ferron, Victoria Ferron and Yvonne Ferron. Taken abt. spring/summer 1968 at 163 Meadowcroft St., Lowell, MA

The Obituary of Celina Ferron, 1942, Lowell, Massachusetts

Published in the Lowell Sun 5 March 1942

Miss Celina Ferron, a resident of Lowell for the past 45 years and an attendant of St. Joseph and St. Jean Baptiste churches in St. Joseph's parish died yesterday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs. Alfred Simoneau, 9 Dutton street, after along illness. She was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis and the bread fund of the French-American orphanage.
Surviving her are five sisters, Mrs. Simoneau, Mrs. Blanche Guilmette and Mrs. Peter Farely of Lowell; Mrs. Joseph Gagnon of East Chelmsford and Mrs. Domonic Lavalle of of St. Paulin P. Q.; two brothers, Joseph Ferron of Lowell and Henry Ferron of Dracut; and several nieces and nephews. The body was removed to the Archambault funeral home 311 Pawtucket St.

Funeral Notice
FERRON---Died in this city March 4, Miss Celina Ferron at the home of her sister, Mrs. Alfred Simoneau, 9 Dutton street. Friends are invited to call at the funeral home, 311 Pawtucket street. Funeral will take place Saturday morning at 10 o'clock from the funeral home. At 11 o'clock at St. Jean Baptiste church, a solemn high mass will be celebrated. Burial in St. Joseph cemetery. Funeral directors Amdee Archambault & Son in charge
Published 9 March 1942, The Lowell Sun
The funeral of Miss Celina Ferron, one of the better known citizens of French extraction in this city who died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Alfred Simoneau, 9 Dutton street, after a long illness, took place Saturday morning. The cortege preceded by an open car filled with floral tributes, left the Archambault funeral home, 311 Pawtucket street, to arrive at St. Jean Baptiste church, where at 11 o'clock a solemn high funeral mass was celebrated by Rev. Jean Valliere, O. M. I., assisted by Rev. Eugene Fournier, O. M. I. as deacon and by Rev. Armand Morrissette, O. M. I., as sub-deacon. Present were many relatives, friends and neighbors. The church choir under the direction of Rudolphe E. Pepin, musical director, organist and choir master, sang the requiem mass by Pietro A Yon. The singers were Edward Coutu, Emile Lagasse, Arthur E. Paquin, Leo Cote and Wilfred Jacques.
A delegation representing the Third Order of St. Francis was composed of Miss Anna Mailhot, Miss Philomena Demers, Miss Marie Morrissette and Miss Diana Cote. Also present at the mass were the Grey Nuns of the Cross from Notre Dame de Lourdes parish. The bearers were Leo Ferron, Arthur Gagnon, Raymond Ferron, Paul Maille, Robert Moran and Maurice Simoneau, all nephews. Burial took place in the family lot in St. Joseph's cemetery were the committal prayers were read by Rev. Lucien Brassard, O. M. I. funeral Directors Amdee Archambault & Son were in charge of the arrangements.
It is to be noted that Celina died at the home of her sister, Victoria Simoneau. Victoria Simoneau nee Ferron was my Great-Aunt. She ran a boarding house at 9 Dutton St., for many years. The header on my blog is a picture of the south-east side of the Dutton St., front row in Lowell, Massachusetts before it was demolished.

The Obituary of Marie Aurore Robillard nee Boisvert,1973, Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Marie Aurore Bosivert, 2nd wife of Antonio Robillard. After the death of Marie Aurore, Antonio married Armande H Rivet. Please note, I don't have any dates for the marriages of Antonio Robillard. Any help would appreciated.

The Obituary of Noella Bernier (Robillard) nee Thurber, 1974, Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Noella Bernier
...St. Jean Baptiste Church

Noella (Thurber) (Robillard) Bernier of 11 Spaulding Street, wife of the late Patrick Bernier, died last evening at her home. A lifelong resident of Lowell she was the daughter of the late Henry and of the late Virginia (Couture) Thurber. Mrs. Bernier was a communicant of St. Jean Baptiste Church, a member of her parish sodality, a member of the Golden Age Club and a member of the Maruerite D'Youvilles Charity League of the Franco-American School. Her survivors include one son Henry A. Robillard of Chicopee; four daughters, Mrs. Edward (Jeanne) Dubreuil of Pelham, N.H., Mrs. Paul (Rita) Dozois of Lowell, Mrs. James (Theresa) Dembkoski of Dudley and Mrs. Richard (Ernestine) Therrien of Lowell; one sister Mrs. Ernestine Peloquin of Lowell, 18 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

Published in The Lowell Sun, Aug., 19, 1974, pg. 23

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The Obituary of Georgianna A. Ferron nee Rabouin, 1919, Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Death notice published 7 April 1919 in The Lowell Sun
FERRON---Mrs. Georginana (Raboin) Ferron died Sunday at her home, 29 Arkwright Street, aged 61 years. She leaves her husband Gloude Ferron; one son, Joseph and six daughters, Mrs. J. Gagnon, Mrs. A. Sullivan, Mrs. J. Morin and the Misses Celina, Victoria and Mary Ferron.
Funeral published 9 April 1919 in The Lowell Sun
FERRON---The funeral of Mrs. Georgianna Ferron took place yesterday from her home, 29 Arkwright street. At St. Joseph's church a funeral mass was celebrated by the Rev. Fr. Jalbert, O.M.I., assisted by Rev. Fr. Marcil, O. M. I., as deacon and Rev. Fr. Bolduc O.M.I., as sub-deacon. The choir was under the direction of Mr. Malo. The bearers were M. F. Ferron, J. Saucier, H. Arvisais, O. Guilmette, J. Guilmette and P. Boisvert. The Third Order of St. Francis was represented by Mrs. F. Lefebvre, Mrs. Tetrault, Mrs. Lemay, Mrs. Lirette, Mrs. Labelle and Mrs. Arvisais. Burial was in the family lot in St. Joseph's Cemetery where Rev. Fr. Turcotte read the committal parayers at the grave. The funeral arrangements were in charge of Undertaker Napolean Bilodeau.

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My query to the Putnam Library...

came up empty. They looked for Joseph Rosario's death notice and or obit in the Putnam Patriot and were unable to find it : (

The Obituary of Claude Ferron, 1930, Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts

FERRON---Claude Ferron died last night at the home of his daughter Miss Victoria Ferron, 9 Dutton Street aged 75 years. During the last 35 years he resided in Lowell and up to his retiremment 12 years ago he was the owner of a boarding house. His pleasant disposition and honesty gained him the admiration and esteem of all those with whom he came in contact. He leaves six daughters, Miss Celine Ferron, Miss Victoria Ferron, Mrs. Joseph Gagnon, Mrs Arthur Guilmette and Mrs. John Moran, all of Lowell, and Mrs Dominique Lavalle of St. Paulin, P. Q.; two sons, Joseph Ferron and Henry Ferron, both of Lowell and two brothers, Maxime Ferron of Joliette, P. Q., and Benjamin Ferron of St. Leon P. Q.; also 23 grandchildren. He was a member of the Holy Family Society.
Published in the Lowell Sun on 7 November 1930. I forgot to note the page number : S Below is the funeral announcement which was published 10 Nov. 1930 in the Lowell Sun. Again, I forgot to note the page number.
FERRON---The funeral of Claude Ferron took place this morning at 8 o'clock from the home of his daughter, Miss Victoria Ferron, 9 Dutton Street. Solemn funeral mass was celebrated at 9 o'clock at St. Jean Baptiste church by Rev. Arthur Lemire, OMI, assisted by Rev. Louis G. Blachand, OMI as deacon and Rev. Narcisse Cotnoir, OMI as sub-deacon. The choir under the direction of the organist, Mr. Rodolphe E. Pepin, sang Antonio Mauro's funeral mass, the solos being sustained by Mr. Rodolphe E. Pepin, Mr. Arthur Leveille, Mr. Elzear Cote, Mr. Edouard Coutu, Mrs. Maria Jacques and Miss Cecile Vincent. At the end of the mass the choir sang Menegali's "Jesu Salvator Mundi" A very large number attended the funeral and more were at the church in respect of deceases whom they held in high esteem. Among those from out of town were Mrs. Dominique Lavalle of St. Paul P. Q., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mercier, Mr and Mrs Albert Duchaine of Shawinigan Falls P. Q., Mr and Mrs John Riley of Haverhill and Mr and Mrs. Alfred Cloutier of Hartford Conn. The Holy Family Society was represented by Messrs. Alphonse Ninteau, Joseph Cloutier, Amdee Jacob, Isidore Tetreault, Ernest Sauvageau and Pierre Dupuis. The bearers were Messrs. Oscar Lamie, Ernest Morin, Arthur Metty, Narcisse Asselin, Ephraim Guilmette and J. Tremblay. Burial was in the family lot in St. Joseph's cemetery were Rev. Lucien Brassard, OMI recited the committal prayers. Arrangements were in charge of Joseph E. Tremblay.
Benjamin Ferron, the brother of my Claude Ferron, was the grandfather of Jacques Ferron

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Obituary of Cuthbert Maille, 1946, Dracut, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Published 18 Dec 1946 The Lowell Sun pg. 3

Cuthbert Maille, husband of Rose Therrien Maille and a well known resident of Dracut, making his home in Wheeler Road, died early yesterday evening at St. Joseph's hospital after a short illness, aged 54 years. He was the son of the late Joseph Adam and Marie (Prudhomme) Maille and had for many years devoted his time to farming. At the time of his death he was employed by the Nashua Beef company. Besides his wife he is survived by four sons, Leo, Gerard and Emile of Dracut, and Paul of North Chelmsford; two daughters, Mrs. William Longridge of Coventry R. I. and Mrs Ernest England of Lowell; a brother Ludger Maille of Dracut; a sister Rev. Sister St. Jean d'Avila of the Grey Nuns of the Cross at St. Joseph's girls school, Lowell; eight grandchildren and his mother-in-law Mrs. Marie Therrien

Died in this city, Dec 17, at St. Joseph's hospital, Cuthbert Maille, husband of Rose Therrien Maille of 60 Wheeler Rd. Dracut, aged 54 years. Friends are invited to call at the Archambault Funeral Home, 311 Pawtucket St., Funeral Friday morning at 10 o'clock in St. Louis de France church, a solemn high mass of requiem wil be celebrated, and burial will take place in St. Joseph's cemetery. Funeral Directors Amdee Archambault & Sons in charge.