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The Wilfrid Albert Family, Lowell, Massachusetts

Son of Isadore and Georgiana..

Isadore and Georgiana Vezina were married 20 Aug 1899 at Lowell, Massachusetts. Isadore's parents are noted as being Edward Albert and Caroline Unknown. Georgiana's parents are documented to be Joseph and Agles Leduc.

I have here my transcriptions of Albert family for the 1910 and 1920 census of Lowell, MA. I also have the 1930 census. However, I did not transcribe it completely. In that particular census Wilfrid is married and living on the Dutton St. front row. He and his family were probably neighbors of my Aunt Victoria Simoneau nee Ferron, she and her sister Blanche ran rooming houses there. Wilfrid Albert's occupation in the 1930 census is that of a laborer in the construction industry. His wife's name is not very legible. It looks like Hermain to me. Both husband and wife are 29 years of age. And both are born in Massachusetts. However, unlike Wilfrid's parents (born in Canada), Hermain's parents were both born in Massachusetts. Wilfrid and Hermain have 4 children at this time; Andrew, age 9; Armand, age 8; Arland, age 4 years and 8 months; and Doris, age years and 5 months.

1930 US Federal Census, 20 Dutton St., Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; 1930; Film: T625; Roll: 921; Ward: 5; Enumeration District: 119; Page: 10A; Image: 288.0.

1910 US Federal Census, 36 Suffolk St., Lowell Middlesex, Massachusetts; Film:T624 Roll: 599; Page: 2B; Ward 2, Enumeration District: 839; Image: 256; Line: 82

Wilfrid A/son/m/w/9/s/Mass/CanFrench/CanFrench/none
Homer/son/m/w/1 and 4/12/s/Mass/CanFrench/CanFrench/none


1920 US Federal Census, 64 Prince St., Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Film: T625; Roll: 711; Page: 5A; Ward: 2; Enumeration District: 184; Image: 32; Line: 30.

Isadore/head/r/m/w/44/m/1885/al/ / /yes/yes/CanFr/CanFr/CanFr/yes/spinner/cottonmill/yes
Georgiana/wife/f/w/43/m/1893/al/ / /yes/yes/CanFr/CaFr/CanFr/yes/none
Wilfrid/son/m/w/19/s/ / / /no/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/operative/cottonmill
Leonel/son/m/w/14/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CaFr/CanFr/yes/none
Blanche/daugh/f/w/13/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/none
Homer/son/m/w/12/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/none
Annette/daugh/f/w/7/s/ / / /yes/ / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none
Alfred/son/m/w/1 and 6/12/s/ / / / / / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none
Dorothy/daugh/f/w/2/12/s/ / / / / / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none

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Lieut. Harriman Promoted to Captain, 1909, Divison 13, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

In my genealogical search of the Harriman family I came across this article in the Boston Daily Globe archives. The archive is made available, for free, through the Boston Public Library.

Published in the Boston Daily Globe 3 Sep 1909, pg. 16

Sergt. George H. Guard Becomes Lieutenant and Patrolman John C. Murphy a Sergeant

Police Commissioner O'Meara in a general order last night appointed one captain, one lieutenant and on sergeant of police. The appointments were not unexpected, as they have been anticipated ever since the death of Capt. William J. Lowery of division 12.
The new superior officers are: Lieut Joseph Harriman of division 15, Charlestown, appointed to the rank of captain and assigned to division 13.
Sergt George H. Guard of division 4, Legrange st, appointed to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to division 15.
Patrolman John C. Murphy of division 16 appointed to the rank of sergeant and assigned to division 4.
In the same order the commissioner transferred Capt George W. Wescott from division 12, City Point, to fill the vacant by the death of Capt Lowery.
All the promotions and the transfer of Capt Wescott take effect tomorrow morning at rollcall.
The promotion of Lieut Harriman is a popular one among the men of the department. He is known as a quiet, retiring officer, fair in his judgement and unflinching in performing his duty. He was made a lieutenant in the general shakeup in March 1908, having been promoted from the rank of sergeant while at division 9.
"Joe" Harriman as he is commonly known, was born in Wiscasset, Me, 48 years ago, March 29, 186 (sic), he was appointed a patrolman and promoted to sergeant Feb 6, 1893. From July 29, 1901 until his appointment to the lieutenancy in March 1908, he was attached to division 9.
Sergt. George H. Guard, who has been appointed lieutenant is a Boston man, having been born in this city July 27, 1863. He enlisted in the regular army and was made a sergeant of calvary July 6, 1888, he was appointed on the force as a reserve officer and sent to division 10, where he was made a regular patrolman Jan 10, 1889.
Later he was made a member of the mounted squad and on May 1, 1898 he was sent to division 16. He was appointed sergeant Oct 25, 1899, and transferred to division 14. Since then he has been attached successively to divisions 16, 12, 9, 11 and 4. In 1904 he was one of the police officers investigated by the commission in the connection with the "Tech riot" of Nov 2, but was exonerated. He is a fine horseman and one the most efficient men on the force.
John C. Murphy, who has been appointed to replace Sergt Guard, was born in Elmira, NY, 33 years ago. He came to Boston in 1895 and was appointed to the force March 7, 1903, being attached to division 12 as a patrolman. Jan 1, 1904 he was transferred to division 16, and May 7, 1907 was made a special officer. In this position he has done good work.

Captain Joseph Harriman was the father of Alfred C. Harriman who married May Wright, daughter of Joseph A Wright and Marie 'Mary' Boudreau, on 11 Aug 1914 in the state of Maine. For more information please search the label Harriman and or Wright.