Friday, February 29, 2008

Claude Robillard and the Royal Court of Montreal

There are lots goodies at Voici Ma Famille. I am adding this site to my list of resources over there on the right.

Here is the abstract of an image I found..
Procès contre Marie Madeleine Gibault, accusé d'avoir abandonné son nouveau né dans un tas de fumier devant la grange de Claude Robillard, boucher . - 12 juillet 1697 - 10 septembre 1697 - 25 document(s) textuel(s)
and translated by my favorite tool Google Translate...
Trial of Marie Madeleine Gibault, accused of having abandoned her newborn baby in a pile of manure in front of the barn of Claude Robillard, butcher. -- July 12, 1697 - September 10, 1697 -- 25 document (s)
I believe Marie Madeleine Gibault was hung for her crime of attempted infanticide.

There are 94 images related to this... I don't think I'll be looking into these. But just in case someone wants to, here is the link.
Further down on the above linked page you see the name of Marie Grandin mentioned, the spouse of Claude Robillard. So yes, these files involve our Claude Robillard who came over to Canada from France at the young age of 13.

I didn't know Claude was boucher (butcher).. Hmmm, now isn't that just a lil bit of useless trivia for you Robillard genealogy buffs. Hey, don't laugh, I know you're out there. I check my stats. Lol : )

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