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Tombstone Tuesday: Oscar Robillard, 1898, Lowell, Massachusetts - Where We Connect

During my genealogical research of the Robillard family I found an article that was printed the Lowell Sun on 6 Oct 1898 in regard to an Oscar Robillard whom passed away the previous day. Well, I was at the cemetery today and I believe I found his headstone. In the article it states he is survived by his parents and 3 brothers.

The Lowell Sun 6 Oct 1898, pg. 1.



He passed Away Unexpectedly yesterday

Oscar Robillard, aged 24 years, died today as the result of a bicycle accident which occured about two months ago, when the deceased fell from his wheel, sustaining slight injuries, it was thought, of the groin. After the accident, he walked home and was attended by Dr. Patenaude. Robillard had been about, however, notwithstanding some pain caused by the injusries, but yesterday he was taken to his bed, and died several hours after.

He resides at 1 Old City Hall avenue, with his parents. Nine years ago Robillard came to this city from Canada, in a town of which he was born. He was well-known and highly respected in French circles. Besides his parents, he is survived by three brothers.
If you notice in the headline of the article it states that he died yesterday, but in the article it self it states he died today. The headstone is scribed with the date of the 5th, which would have been yesterday..Lol.

On 10 Oct 1898 in The Lowell Sun on pg. 8 there is his report of death..
5-Oscar Robillard, 24, Typhoid Fever
Here is his head stone at Cimetiere St-Joseph, Chelmsford, MA. It is in section H facing 4th Avenue.

Oscar Robillard's headstone at St Joeseph's Cemetery

Massachusetts Archives; record of death, Robillard Oscar Lowell 1898 482 270 Death. Oscar's parents are documented as being Ambroise and Celanire or Celanise Perreault. Here is Oscar's baptismal information from BMS2000
BMS2000 v.11 ID : 2649429 Class : 9 Responsible : LANAU
Role Name First name
Father ROBILLARD Ambroise
Mother Perrault Celanire
Godfather Rivet Joseph
Godmother Chartier son epouse Josephine
Sex Birth Baptism -
1874-01-06 1874-01-07
Parish Location County Province Country
St-Thomas St-Thomas Joliette Quebec Canada

Here is the marriage of Oscar's parents, also from BMS2000.
BMS2000 v.11 ID : 3149060 Class : 9 Responsible : LANAU
Role Name First name Deceased
Groom ROBILLARD Ambroise Cardeur (this is a textiles occupation, carding cleans, aligns and fluffs up raw fibers)
Father - -
Mother - -
Ex-spouse Bordeleau Louise
Bride PERRAULT Celanire (Mj)
Father PERRAULT Jean-Baptiste
Mother Rinvi Nathalie
Ex-spouse - -
Parish Location County Province Country
St-Thomas St-Thomas Joliette Quebec Canada
Date Note
1869-08-10 -

In this record it states that Oscar's father was married before his marraige to Oscar's mother. So in order to find out who Oscar's father's parents were I had to go looking for that marriage and I found it too at BMS2000. Ambroise Robillard and Louise Bordeleau were married 6 Sep 1864 at St-Ambroise-de-Kildare, Joliette. Ambroise's parent's are Joseph Forgeron (a forgeron is a blacksmith) and Luce Routier. Joseph and Luce Routier were married 31 Jan 1832 at Ste-Elisabeth, Joliette, Joseph's parent's are Raphael and Genevieve Eneau [Henault?]. Raphael Forgeron (blacksmith) Robillard and Geneveive Heneault dit Porneauf married 11 Jan 1808 at Ste-Elisabeth. (all BMS2000) Raphael's parent's are Pierre Robillard and Marie Joly. Pierre and Marie marry on 15 Feb 1768 St-Genevieve, Berthier (BMS2000). Pierre's parents are Pierre Robillard and Marie Angelique Marette dit Lepine Richard (PRDH). They are married in April of 1742 at Lanoraie. Pierre's parents are Pierre Robillard and Catherine Coutu, married 5 Nov 1715 at St-Sulpice (PRDH). And we all know who Pierre's parent's are right? ?? Ah come on... You know! It's Claude Robillard and Marie Grandin. See... you got it, and there is where Oscar's line connects with mine. Right at the very begininng of the earliest Robillard line in Quebec.

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