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The Wilfrid Albert Family, Lowell, Massachusetts

Son of Isadore and Georgiana..

Isadore and Georgiana Vezina were married 20 Aug 1899 at Lowell, Massachusetts. Isadore's parents are noted as being Edward Albert and Caroline Unknown. Georgiana's parents are documented to be Joseph and Agles Leduc.

I have here my transcriptions of Albert family for the 1910 and 1920 census of Lowell, MA. I also have the 1930 census. However, I did not transcribe it completely. In that particular census Wilfrid is married and living on the Dutton St. front row. He and his family were probably neighbors of my Aunt Victoria Simoneau nee Ferron, she and her sister Blanche ran rooming houses there. Wilfrid Albert's occupation in the 1930 census is that of a laborer in the construction industry. His wife's name is not very legible. It looks like Hermain to me. Both husband and wife are 29 years of age. And both are born in Massachusetts. However, unlike Wilfrid's parents (born in Canada), Hermain's parents were both born in Massachusetts. Wilfrid and Hermain have 4 children at this time; Andrew, age 9; Armand, age 8; Arland, age 4 years and 8 months; and Doris, age years and 5 months.

1930 US Federal Census, 20 Dutton St., Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; 1930; Film: T625; Roll: 921; Ward: 5; Enumeration District: 119; Page: 10A; Image: 288.0.

1910 US Federal Census, 36 Suffolk St., Lowell Middlesex, Massachusetts; Film:T624 Roll: 599; Page: 2B; Ward 2, Enumeration District: 839; Image: 256; Line: 82

Wilfrid A/son/m/w/9/s/Mass/CanFrench/CanFrench/none
Homer/son/m/w/1 and 4/12/s/Mass/CanFrench/CanFrench/none


1920 US Federal Census, 64 Prince St., Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Film: T625; Roll: 711; Page: 5A; Ward: 2; Enumeration District: 184; Image: 32; Line: 30.

Isadore/head/r/m/w/44/m/1885/al/ / /yes/yes/CanFr/CanFr/CanFr/yes/spinner/cottonmill/yes
Georgiana/wife/f/w/43/m/1893/al/ / /yes/yes/CanFr/CaFr/CanFr/yes/none
Wilfrid/son/m/w/19/s/ / / /no/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/operative/cottonmill
Leonel/son/m/w/14/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CaFr/CanFr/yes/none
Blanche/daugh/f/w/13/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/none
Homer/son/m/w/12/s/ / / /yes/yes/yes/Mass/CanFr/CanFr/yes/none
Annette/daugh/f/w/7/s/ / / /yes/ / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none
Alfred/son/m/w/1 and 6/12/s/ / / / / / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none
Dorothy/daugh/f/w/2/12/s/ / / / / / /Mass/CanFr/CanFr/ /none

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  1. Hello,
    If your Vezinas were French Canadians then this is one possible couple for you from Quebec:
    Edouard Vezina
    son of Michel Vezina & Genevieve Jolicoeur
    M.A. Caroline Tourigny
    daughter of Joseph Tourigny & Louise Doucet
    15 Jan 1867
    St-Louis-de-Blandford, Arthabaska, Quebec
    Source: Le Centre de genealogie francophone d'Amerique
    Evelyn in Monteral