Tuesday, November 15, 2011

L'Etoile Tuesday: Dans le New Hampshire - Deux Lowellois se noient dans riviere Oyster

L'Etoile, once a very popular Franco-American newspaper, was published in Lowell, MA from 1886 up until 1957, it's available for viewing on microfilm at several repositories in the area, including the Pollard Memorial Library in downtown Lowell. And, as you may very well know, back in May I started my own lil blogging meme, entitled L'Etoile Tuesday. The plan was to pick one article of interest each week from L'Etoile and from there I would transcribe, translate, and then publish it here at my blog. So far I've only managed to publish three articles... Anyway, the article below was not just some randomly picked article. After having found the grave of both the men mentioned in it, I went searching for death notices and this is what I found.

Cyprian Chrisman et Theodule Chouinard, son gendre, tous deux de Lowell se sont noyes dimanche, dans la riviere Oyster, pres de la briqueterie de King, a Durham Point, N. H. On a reconnu les cadavres de suite. Ils etaient a bord d'une barge remplie de briques qui s'est mise a couler.
Les deux noyes on saute a l'eau et ont peri dans les flots La femme de Couinard qui etait dans la barge voulut persuader son mari et son pere de ne pas sauter dans la riviere. Elle avait raison, car au dernier moment elle s'est sauvee elle, en sautan dans une petite embarcation.
Chrisman et Couinard allaient travailler aux briqueteries tous les etes. L'hiver ils revenant a Lowrll et travaillaient dans les filatures.
Pendant leur sejour en cette ville, ils demeuraient au No 9 Bay State Court.
Les depouilles mortelles de ces infortunes sont arrivees en ville a 11 h. 30. M. Joseph Albert, entrepreneur de pompes funebres, a de charge des funerailles.Chrisman avait 65 ans. Son gendre, Couinard, n'etait age que de 21 ans. Il s'est marie a Lowell, il v. un an environ.
Les corps sont expose a la residence des defuncts, 9 Bay State Court.
Les funerailles auront lieu demain a l'eglise St. Joseph.
Published on pg. 1 in L'Etoile, Lowell, MA, 20 Aout, 1901
Cyprian Chrisman and Theodule Chouinard, his son in law, both of Lowell drowned Sunday in the Oyster River, near the King brickyard, in Durham Point, N. H. Where the corpses were identified. They were aboard a barge full of bricks when it began to sink. Both men jumped into the water and perished in the waves.
Chouinard's wife, who was on the barge, tried to persuade her husband and her father not to jump into the river. She was right, because at the last moment she saved herself by jumping into a small boat.
Chrisman and Chouinard would work in the brickyards every summer. In winter they returned to Lowell and worked in the mills.
While in this city, they lived at No. 9 Bay State Court.
The remains of these unfortunates arrived in town at 11:30. Joseph Albert, funeral director, is in charge of the funeral.
Chrisman was 65. His son in law, Chouinard, he was only 21. He married in Lowell, about a year ago.
The bodies are laid out at the residence of the deceased, 9 Bay State Court.
The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at St. Joseph church.

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