Monday, November 05, 2012

Dr. J. E. Robillard of Southbridge and Lowell

In an attempt to connect another Robillard to my line, I began researching Dr. J..E. Robillard. I had run across his headstone a few years ago and decided it was finally time to figure who he was. Joseph Emile Robillard, D.D.S., had an office in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts for decades. However, before he opened his own practice in Lowell he was employed by the practice of  Dr. T. J. King.

I find this early 20th century advertisement  to be quite humorous.
I wonder if that's Dr. King himself?

A son of Louis Emile and Eliza nee Pinsonneault, Joseph Emile Robillard was probably born on March 19, 1880 in Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Joseph went college in Montreal, as well as in Maryland.. He married Ida Tarte (Joseph, Elisabeth Courville) in 1906 at St. Joseph's church rectory and they had 5 known children.

The following excerpt describing their wedding ceremony was taken from "The Frater of Psi Omega" vol. v, no.1, pub. Nov. 1905. The Supreme Council, Tiffin, Ohio. If you click the image below it will take you to the publication, as it appears on Google Books.

At the time of his death in 1950, Dr. Robillard lived on Harris Ave., located in the Highlands neighborhood in Lowell. Buried together with Ida's parents, Joseph Emile and Ida were interred at Saint-Joseph Cemetery in East. Chelmsford, Massachusetts. 

Joseph Emile Robillard and I are related very distantly. We are 6th cousins 2x removed, with the progenitors being Claude Robillard and Marie Grandin. Below is a quick detailess ahnentafell just to show his direct Robillard line.

  --- 1st Generation ---

1.  Joseph-Emile1 Robillard (1621)

    --- 2nd Generation ---

2.  Louis-Emile2 Robillard (1619) married Eliza Pinsonneault (1620).

     --- 3rd Generation ---

4.  Jean-Baptiste3 Robillard (1617) married Henriette Page (1618).

       --- 4th Generation ---

8.  Raphael4 Robillard (1615) married Marie Louise Vadnais (1616).

        --- 5th Generation ---

16.  Michel5 Robillard (1613) married Marie Josephe Rondeau (1614).

         --- 6th Generation ---

32.  Pierre6 Robillard (1292) married Marie
Angelique Marette dit Lepine dit Richard (1293)  He married Marie-
Jeanne Provost (1398) 

        --- 7th Generation ---

64.  Pierre7 Robillard (822) married Catherine Coutou (836) 

          --- 8th Generation ---

128.  Claude8 Robillard (808) married Marie Binard (812) He married 
Marie Grandin (809)He married Marie-Francoise Guillin (823)


  1. Eight bucks for a set of teeth!

    I also like the comment about the bride being "very prominent" in "French social circles."

    Nice work Michelle. Good to see you blogging again.

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hi Michelle,
    Have been enjoying your blog for a while. This has prompted me to comment because L.E. Robillard was my great-grandfather. Nice work. Thanks.

  3. Oh, wow! Thank you so much Henri!