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The Obituary of Alfred Clark Harriman, 1919, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, husband of May Wright

Here is Alfred's obituary, published 25 Jan., 1919 in The Boston Daily Globe, pg. 10. This is the only write up I have found so far. I looked in the NY Times, but there was nothing.

HARRIMAN--In Jamaica Plain, Jan 24, Alfred C. Harriman, in his 32nd year, husband of May E and only son of Capt. and Mrs. Joseph Harriman. Funeral services at his parents residence, 811 Center St., Jamaica Plain, Sunday Jan. 28?, at 2:30 pm.

Alfred C. Harriman married Mary "May" Elizabeth Wright (Joseph, Marie "Mary" Boudreau) on Tuesday 11 Aug 1914 in Wiscasset, Maine. [Source: Maine State Archives]

Just a note; I found a May Harriman, widow, 32 yrs old, in the 1920 Manhattan census on West 135th St.(there was only one May Harriman in all of NY), it documents her as doing clerical work in studio. Living with her as roomers are Russell Mack and his wife.
Our May as born 31 May 1887 in Boston : ) She died, Apr. 1967 in Manhattan, NY, NY. Verified per her SSDI listing. I believe the May in the 1920 census is our May Harriman, nee Wright.

Alfred's WWI Draft Card. It documents him as follows:

Name in full: Alfred Clark Harriman
Age in years: 29
Home address: 620 135th New York, NY
Date of birth: 12 July 1887
Are you (1) a natural born citizen(2) naturalized (3) an alien(4) or have you declared your intention(specify which)? natural born
Where were you born, Rocksbury Mass (Roxsbury)
What is your present trade occupation or office: Musical Arranger
By whom employed; Broadway Music
Where employed: 145 W 45th St
Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12 solely dependant on you for support (specify which) ? Wife
Married or single (which)? Married
Race (specify which) Caucasian

etc. etc... It goes on to state that he is 6 ft tall, with brown hair, and blue eyes. His signature is on the bottom of page 1 and it is dated 5 Jun., 1917.

Joseph Harriman and Clara E. unknown were Alfred's parents, and both were supposedly born in Maine. Joseph Harriman was a policeman in J.P., hence the usage of the abbrev. Capt. in Alfred's obit. Info on Alfred's parents and birth come from the MA State Archives. [Harriman Alfred Clark Boston 1887 378 237 Birth]

Ziegfeld follies. That’s the k... Digital ID: G99C409_001. New York Public Library
1917 Ziegfeld Follies. That's the Kind of a Baby for Me / Lyrics by Alfred C. Harriman ; Music by J. C. Egan

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