Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Canadian Album - Men of Canada ..., Robillard et Parent

The Canadian Album: Men of Canada ... - Google Book Search This link will bring you to page 82 of the book, The Canadian Album: Men of Canada... Vol: 5. Joseph E Parent (Isidore, Emelie Hetu), born and baptised on 18 Jan 1858 at the parish of Ste-Melanie D'Aillebout, was the brother of Marie Percide Parent who married (Jos.) Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard (b.15 Apr 1866, Jerome, Sophie Riberdy, Ste-Melanie) 3 Apr 1883 also at the parish of Ste-Melanie D'Aillebout, Joliette, Quebec.

Note: In the marriage document for Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard and Marie Percide Parent

[Drouin Gabriel, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1883, Ste-Melanie d'Aillebout, Co-Joliette, P.Q., pg. 6, M.4 J. Gaspard Robillard et M. Percide Parent, Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette]

the groom's name is documented as being Joseph Gaspard. The only other Gaspard (that I have found thus far) born to Jerome Robillard and Sophie Riberdy is Pierre Jerome Gaspard b. 13 Sep 1871 and baptised 14 Sep 1871 at Ste-Melanie d'Aillebout. There is no Jos. Gaspard born unto the union of Jerome and Sophie. It is my belief that Marie Percide Parent's husband is Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard. If it was Jerome Gaspard he would have been 11 years old at the time of this marriage.

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