Thursday, January 15, 2009

Call Me-shell

I get it a lot... I get it from readers of my blog with whom I correspond through e-mail. Specifically, readers who find my blog though a Google search and write to me to inquire about a certain surname or family line that is mentioned within my blog. Now, in the defense of these readers, they don't know me, and from the title of my blog you would think that I am telling them to call me Shell. After all, that is what it says, right? Call Me-shell.. Well, I'm not. I have never been called Shell nor do I ever want to be called Shell. (but don't worry if you do, it doesn't bother me- that much. I know what my name is : ) So, now I just want to let you, my readers, know how the title of my blog came about. The title of my blog stems from the way my name was pronounced by my deceased and very much missed mother Pauline Gail Robillard nee Maille (1944-1982). It is pronounced with the "i" sounding like a long e vowel sound. Hence the title, Call Me-shell : ). My father used to, occasionally, pronounce my name this way (usually when I was in trouble), as well as my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. As a matter of fact,  I was called "Mesh" (long e), quite often when I was a kid...

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