Sunday, May 01, 2011

On This Day: The Marriage of Joseph Achille Robillard & Delia Lepine

Joseph Achille Robillard, son of Octavien Robillard & Marie-Louise Naud, married Delia Lepine, daughter of Urgel Lepine and Elisse Beauchin (?), on 1 May, 1919 at the parish church of Ste-Melaine, Joliette County, Quebec. Joseph Achille Robillard was my first cousin 2x removed, and I am working on extracting the text below in order to translate it. I haven't done too many marriage records, so this may take me some time.

Update 3 May 2011: Here is my transcription thus far, a translation will follow once I am finished.
Le premire Mai mil neuf cent dix neuf. Apres le publication d'un ban de mariage faite au prone le notre messe paroissiale entre Achille Robillard, cultivateur, fils majeur de Octavien Robillard, cultivateur, et Marie Louise Naud de cette paroisse d'une part, et Delia Lepine fille majeure de Urgel Lepine, cultivateur, et de Elisse Beauchin (?) de cette paroisse d'autre part. ? la dispene de deux bans a le mariage accordie par Mgr...
Marriage records are so hard for me. I mean, I can always pluck out the important stuff, like dates and names, and I can tell if there's been a dispensation of consanguinity or affinity, but getting the rest right can be quite the challenge. Any help that anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated : )

[Gabriel Drouin, Institut Généalogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, 1919, Ste-Melanie, Joliette, P.Q., pg 6, M. 1, Achille Robillard & Delia Lepine, register photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette]

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