Monday, January 23, 2012

In Search Of: The Burial of Joseph Robillard

Who, according to the article below, drowned in the St-Lawrence River on 14 May, 1937.
MONTREAL. MAY 14 (INS) -- Two members of the crew of the S.S. Maple Branch dived into the icy waters of the St. Lawrence river today to rescue Joseph Labrecque, clinging to an overturned skiff for six hours.
With Eugene Tremblay and Joseph Robillard, Labrecque had left the home of a friend on the south shore to row back to Montreal.  Their skiff was capsized in the heavy waters and Tremblay and Robillard perished.
The water was so rough when the crew of the freighter perceived Labrecque's plight, a lifeboat could not be lowered and two of the crew went over the side to drag him to safety.

Published in the Lowell Sun 14 May, 1937 p.1.

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