Monday, January 04, 2010

Did She Really Runaway?


Neponset Girl, Alleged to Have Run Away, Held by the New York Police.

Louise E Wright, aged 16, daughter of Mrs. Joseph Wright of 25 Erickson st, Neponset, who is alleged to have run away with Perry H. Vreeland, a mess boy of the crew of the cup defense Vanitie, has been located in New York by the New York Police, in information furnished by the girl's mother, who is anxious to have her brought back to Dorchester.

Vreeland was arrested in Paterson, N.J. about a week ago and brought to the Dorchester court, where the charge of enticing the girl away from home was brought against him. The case was then continued until July 8, pending the round up of the girl. The girl wrote her mother a letter which was sent to New York and the detention of the girl followed. She will be held until special officer Patrick Williams of Station ll arrives.

The disappearance of the pair followed the arrival of the steamer City of Stamford, a tender to the cup Vanitie at Lawley's shipyards, in Neponset, near Wright's home. They met. fell in love, it was said and dispite the protest of the girls mother, went away. The young man, it was claimed, wanted to marry the girl, but Mrs. Wright objected on the grounds of youth.

Boston Daily Globe (1872-1922); Jul 2, 1914; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Boston Globe (1872-1926) pg. 18

Thanks to Carolyn Cusick Ravencroft for sending this article to me last year. Louise was my Memere Robillard. Did she really runaway? I have been told by my fb friend Ray Scanlon that there was a follow up article published in the Boston Daily Globe stating that Vreeland was arrested for white slavery. However, I have yet to see it because the BPL does not allow e-card holder access to the Historical Newspaper database any longer. For more information on my Memere, Louise E. Robillard nee Wright, please see my Wright and Robillard tags or search this blog..

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  1. Cool story! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the story!