Monday, May 17, 2010

Madness Monday: Robillard, Fournier, and Desrosiers, Oh My!

Yesterday I posted a Sentimental Sunday that featured the marriage of Donat Desrosiers and Rita Robillard. In the article that I posted from The Lowell Sun it stated that a Francis Fournier (an usher) was Rita's brother and that a Lorraine Fournier (a bride's maid) was Rita's cousin. Well, I must be thick, because I didn't pick up on that error at all!

Anway, it took an e-mail from my cousin Roger for me to see this error... You see, Roger's e-mail was another "holy crap" email, (that I rec'd at 6 am this morning with out having had any coffee yet! Thanx Rog..) telling me that Donat's father Louis is his grandfather Desrosier's brother! Which makes Donat Roger's mother's first cousin. So for some reason I went back and reread the original Lowell Sun copy and there is where I saw what I had missed in regard to the Francis, brother of Rita, error mentioned above.  Now... I know that Francois Fournier Sr. and Fabiola Robillard had at least three children, Lorraine, Francois and Dolores, so if Lorraine, who was a bride's maid and Rita's cousin, how could Francois, an usher, be her (Rita's) brother!? Thanks for waking me up Roger.. I am too young to be having a senior moment, so we'll just forget about this, right? 

And in regard to the "holy crap" email, the Donat Desrosiers and Rita Robillard marriage is connection number four for me and cousin Roger Foucher! How's that for madness!? And just so I don't confuse you anymore than I already have (yeah right!??) I'll quickly go through our connections in the order in which they were found.. The first way Roger and I are connected is through my paternal great-grandparents, Arthur Robillard and Philomene Foucher. Philomene was Roger's grandfather's (Joseph Narcisse Foucher) sister, making Roger my 2nd cousin 1x removed. The second way we are connected is through Leonard Faucher dit St-Maurice and Marie Damois., making us 6th cousins 4 x removed. This connection is on my maternal side. Charles Therrien, one of my maternal 5th great grandfathers, married Louise Faucher, Roger's third cousin 3x removed. And the third way we are connected is through my maternal side as well with another Desrosiers connection, which, I haven't entered into my datbase yet (hangs head in shame). But as far as I can tell we are connected through Alexis Desrosiers and Maire Reine Courtin dit Sanschagrin  Roger through Alexis' son Alexis and his wife Catherine Bonin and me (my Maille side) through Alexis' son Joseph and his wife Marie Anne Brassard. I do believe Joseph and M. Anne Brassard had a son Pierre who married a Genevieve Beaugrand dit Champage, she died and then he remarried a Francoise Chaput. Francoise gave birth to Marie Adeline Philomene Desrosiers who married Moise Prudhomme and she gave birth to Marie Amanda Prud'Homme who in turn married my g-g grandfather, Joseph A. Maille. Confused? I am!! Btw,  I need to get the records to prove that third connection.

Below I have added some pictures of Antonio Robillard, father of the above mentioned Rita Robillard,  Anonio's sister Fabiola, and his brother Joseph, my grandfather. These pictures were taken circa. mid 1970s at a Robillard family reunion I attended when I was about 9 years old..

Antonio Robillard

My grandfather Joseph, his sister Fabiola and brother Antonio.

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