Sunday, May 09, 2010

Some one has the bug: Kluck and Brown

I spent the day with my daughter April today. It was nice, we talked a lot about school, graduation, her friends, her plans for the future and her internship at Edson cemetery. Since starting the internship at Edson, she has changed a bit. I can't explain it, but she is different. During her first week there at the cemetery she was all excited (and so was I). And she was even more excited when she shared with me the fact that there were only 3 Robillard burials in all of the Edson cemetery records. Which, by the way Mom, includes Westlawn cemetery! Of course after she told me this I was in the cemetery the very next time she was working to find those Robillards and thanks to her I did! Anyway, I think this is the first time April and I have ever shared an interest in anything, it's wonderful, maybe more so for me then her, but that's ok. I actually think she looks forward to going to the cemetery every Friday to work and that's a good thing, plus I think she's getting the bug.

So today while April and I were chatting she asked me if I had ever researched her paternal side. Unfortunately, I had to tell her no, I have not. I think she kind of expected that kind of answer though, her father and I have been separated since 1995, and although I respect him and his family, I don't talk about them and to tell the truth, I have never had the desire to do any research on them, until now. So not wanting to disappoint her and actually being happy over her interest, April and I did some research online together today. Her father Tom's surname is Kluck, so we started with that name and what her and I already knew.

April's Grandpa, John J. Kluck, passed away in the year 2000 at Lowell, MA. Not knowing the exact date of his death, nor his birth, we looked him up in the SSDI at rootsweb and this is what we found:
JOHN J KLUCK 30 Apr 1917 02 Oct 2000 (V) 01852 (Lowell, Middlesex, MA)(none specified) 034-01-0681 Massachusetts
I told April that this information tells us his birthday, 30 April 1917, and his date of death, 20 Oct 2000 and that the information was verified. It also tells us his last residence, Lowell, MA, his social security number and what state the number was issued in. I also explained to April that this information is good, Even though it's not alot, it's enough and it shows that we should be able to find her grandfather in the 1920 and 1930 census records!

Unfortunately, April and I didn't have enough time to continue on and research the census today because she had to go visit with her Grandma Kluck, Grandma Kluck is 83 years old, so I made sure I gave her a few research related questions she could ask her Grandma before she left... and I told her I would wait for her to continue and that we'd research some more the next time she came over.


  1. My name is John L. Kluck and I live in Wisconsin. Thank you for this post!

    1. Hello, John~ Thanks for stopping by. It's believed that my daughter April's grandfather, John J. Kluck's father, John, was born in Lithuania and that perhaps his surname was changed when he came to America? Do you happen to know anything about the origin of your surname Kluck? Thanks!