Saturday, June 12, 2010

Surname Saturday: Ferron

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1. Me

2. My mother, Pauline Gail Maille

3. My maternal grandmother, Rita G.Moran, b. 23 April, 1922, Lowell, MA, m. Paul E. Maille, 26 May, 1940, St. Patrick's church, Lowell, MA, d. 21 Aug., 1987, St. John's hospital, Lowell, MA

4. Her mother, Yvonne Ferron, b. 16 Jan., 1902, Lowell, MA. m. John Moran, 3 Mar., 1918, Windham, Vermont, d. 22 Jan., 1983, Lowell, MA

5. Her father, Claude Benjiman Ferron, b. 20 Oct., 1844, St-Aime, Massueville, Richelieu, Quebec, m2. Geogianna Rabouin, 22 Aug., 1876, St-Paulin, Maskinonge, Quebec, d. 6 Nov 1930, Lowell MA.

6. Joseph Ferron, b. 10 Feb., 1805, Ste-Anne-de-Yamichiche, St-Maurice, Quebec, m. Marie Ouellette, 11 Feb., 1833, St-Leon-le-Grande, Maskinonge, Quebec, d. the 24 December, 1888, St-Leon-le-Grande, Maskinonge, Quebec. I can not read the exact date of his burial, it looks like vingt six. However the record does state that he died 24 Dec., 1888 (decede le vingt-quatre du courant) please see the image below and click to enlarge.

7. Joseph Charles Ferron, baptised 27 May, 1778 St-Anne-de-Yamachiche, Maskinonge, Quebec, m Catherine Grenier 5 Nov., 1804, Ste-Anne-de-Yamachiche, Maskinonge, d. unknown.
Joseph Charles' exact date of birth on his baptismal record is not mentioned.

8. Jean-Baptiste Ferron, b. circa. 1718, St. Leon-de-La-Chapelle-Uree, Normandie, France, m2. Charlotte Pepin, 19 Feb., 1776, Ste-Anne-de-Yamachiche, Maskinonge, Quebec, d. 12 April, 1793, Yamachiche, buried Ste-Anne-de-Yamachiche 14 April, 1793.

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