Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Robillards in Westlawn II, Lowell, Massachusetts

Charles J. Robillard Jr.
Charles J. Robillard Jr.,
Sec. 5, Lot 7, Grave 5
Age: 89.7.21
Date of Death: 7 April 1975
Date of Burial: 10 April 1975
Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
Morse Funeral Home
Laura A. Robillard
 Laura A., wife of Charles J. Robillard Jr.
Sec. 5, Lot 7, Grave 6
Age: 89.7.21
Date if Death: 31 Oct. 1997
Date of Burial: 4 Nov. 1997
Morse Funeral Home
Laura A. Robillard
Edward Robillard

Edward Robillard
Sec. 1, L 12, G3
Age: about 57 years
Date of Death: 28 Feb. 1922
Date of Burial: 1 Mar. 1922
Compound fractureof the skull with laceration
of the brain, accidential, struck by falling pulley shovel
J. Albert

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