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The Marriages of Louis Gaspard Robillard, Ste-Melanie, Joliette, Quebec

My current research goal is to track the children, all 23 of them, of my g-g-grandfather Jerome Robillard (Louis, Genevieve Riberdy). I know I have a big job laid out in front of me, but I am well on my way.

In an attempt to accomplish this goal I sometimes browse the public trees on to see what other people may have for information on Jerome's children. And the keyword here is, browse, as I'm just looking. I do my own research and I don't take from others. Anyway, while browsing through today I came across a family tree which includes my great-grand uncle Gaspard Robillard (Jerome, Sophie Riberdy). Actually, I have two great-grand uncles with the name of Gaspard, Louis Gaspard Alfred who is the one mentioned in this ancestry tree, and Pierre Jerome Gaspard, both born to the same parents. In this tree that I came across, it incorrectly documents the date and place of Gapspard's first marriage to Marie Percide Parent.  I know this because I had researched both Gaspards, Louis Gaspard and Jerome Gaspard, some time ago and at the time of this research there was great confusion in regard to which Gaspard married whom. But I believe I got that mess figured out and you can read about that here. The other Gaspard, Louis Gaspard's brother, Pierre Jerome Gaspard, married Marie Lea 'Delia' Bonin and their family ended up settling in Rensselaer & Albany counties in New York. You can read about some of that research here.

So, back to the tree on ancestry. In an attempt to correct the aforementioned tree on ancestry, I have contacted the owner of the tree and I am posting the marriage record of Louis Gaspard Robillard and Marie Percide Parent in order to aid in that the correction.

Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard was born 15 April 1866 and baptised the next day at the parish of Ste-Melanie in Joliette county Quebec. A son of Jerome Robillard and Sophie Riberdy, he was one of 23 (15th) children born to his father Jerome and his 2 wives. Louis Gaspard married Marie Percide Parent (Isidore, Emelie Etu) on 3 April 1883 at the parish of Ste-Melanie, Joliette county, Quebec. Click the image below to enlarge. For a specific source citation please contact me.

If we take a look at the acte in the image below you will see that Jerome Robillard, Louis Gaspard's father; Leontine, L. Gaspard's sister; L.Gaspard, himself;  his wife, Marie Percide; and some others, whom were present, all signed.

However, and unfortunately, Louis Gaspard's bride, Marie Percide, dies sometime between 1883 and 1889. I know this as I have found a marriage for Louis Gaspard and his sister-in-law, Elisa Parent.. Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard and Elisa Parent were married 29 April 1889 at the parish of Ste-Melanie, Joliette co., Quebec.

If we take a look at this acte in the image above you will see that there is a bans of dispensation in the first degree for affinity. Gaspard, an instituteur (a teacher, like his father), is also the widower of Percide Parent. Those present are Jean-Baptiste Brisset dit Courshaine, brother-in-law of the wife, and Isidore Parent, brother of the wife, all of whom did not sign.

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