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The Death and Burial of Marie Percide Parent, Ste-Melanie, Joliette co., Quebec

Continuing on with the research of Louis Gapspard Robillard and his family, I find that his first wife, Marie Percide Parent, a daughter of  Isidore Parent and Emelie Etu, died at the age of 26 on the 20th of September, 1888 at the parish of Ste-Melanie and was buried in the vaults of the church on the 24th Sept. in that same year.

 [Gabriel Drouin, Institut Généalogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Le Fonds Drouin 1621-1967, Quebec vital records, Sainte-Melanie d'Ailleboust, co. Joliette 1888, P.Q., pg. 16, S. 33, M. Perside Parent, register photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette]

I am trying to learn to read French as I research so I have included how I have read the burial record above:
Le vingt-quatre septembre mil huit quatre vingt huit, nous pretre sous signe avons inhume dans les voutes de l'eglise de cette paroisse, le corps de Marie Perside Parent epouse de Louis Gaspard Robillard, instituteur de Ste-Elisabeth, decedee le vingt du courant, agee de vingt-six ans. Etaient presents Louis Gaspard Robillard epous de la defunte, Joseph Parent ecuyer Notaire frere de la defunte lesquels ont signe ainsi que plusieurs parents et amis. Lecture Faite.
Gaspard Robillard
C. T. Morel, M.D.
unknown Lacasse
R.H. Beaulieu
J. Parent
Clement Fontaine
Joseph Poulet
Joseph Lavoie
A.C. Dugas Ptre.
L.F. Bonin Ptre.
F. Jeannotte Ptre.

And my translation:
The twenty-four September, one thousand eight hundred eighty eight, we the undersigned priest have buried in the vaults of the church of this parish, the body of Marie Percide Parent, wife of Louis Gaspard Robillard teacher of St. Elizabeth, deceased on the twentieth day of the current month, age twenty-six years. Present were Louis Gaspard Robillard husband of the deceased, Joseph Parent squire Notary brother of the deceased which have signed and several relatives and friends. Reading was given.

Like I said, I am trying to learn how to read some French as I research my ancestors, and I enjoy it, but sometimes it proves to be to difficult for me and because I am just learning  I often question my research. For example, in my translation, I am a little skeptical in regard to the actual date of Marie Percide's death. If you look at the copy of her burial record you will read, what looks like to me, "decedee le vingt du courant. Now, to me, this translates to the 20th day of the current month. But I'm not so sure, is that "du" really meant to be a "deux"? Or am I analyzing those these words a little to much? Maybe. So, some times when I am not so sure, I ask for a second opinion, and more often than not, and I hate to admit this, I am wrong. So I think I'm going to ask a few of my gena friends, who can read French much better I,  to take a look at this and see what they have to say.

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