Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Louis Gaspard Alfred Robillard - Editeur et Proprieteur du Pionnier et President de l'U.F.C.

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In a follow up to last week's Wordless Wednesday I am posting another image of L.-G. I have cropped the original, from BAnQ, in order to compare it with the image I posted last week. I believe both of these images are of the same man. However, in this week's image he appears to be quite a bit older. Originally published in Le Monde illustre, vol. 18 no. 913. pg. 404  on 26 Oct., 1901, it is believed that L.-G. and his family fled Quebec in early 1902, shortly after this article went to print. 

Le Monde Illustre was published in Montreal between the years 1884 & 1902. A portion of the publication has been scanned and images are available for viewing from the BAnQ here. The page that the image below comes from is also available. My plan is to extract the text and translate it. Hoping that it will offer more clues as to why L.-G. and his family left Quebec.

The image above comes from the Revues d'un autre siècle collection at the Bibliotheque et Archives nationales Quebec (BAnQ) online and is used with permission. BAnQ allows, without special authorization, use of content from its Web portal for educational, private study or research purposes, provided the source of the images and/or texts is clearly indicated.

Reproductions of these images are also available. For more information on ordering please see this link.

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