Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Robillards, Fouchers and a Chaput

This treasure comes to me courtesy of my cousin Roger Foucher (Joseph Hector Gerard, Juliette Simonne Desrosiers) of Washington.

According to Roger, the people in the photo above are as follows... Moving left to right standing,

1. Edward Chaput, husband of Anita G. Robillard (L.J.Zenon, Marie Rose Anna Foucher).

2. Marie Louise Philomene Foucher, (Joseph, Flavie Bruneau) wife of Joseph Arthur Robillard. Philomene was my great-grandmother.

3. Joseph Hector Gerard Foucher (Joseph Narcisse, Marie Boucher) his god parents were Joseph Arthur Robillard and Philomene Foucher.

4. Marie Rose Anna Foucher (Joseph, Flavie Bruneau) Sister to my great-grandmother Philomene and wife of Louis Joseph Zenon Robillard (not pictured here. He was a brother to my great-grandfather).

5. Joseph Arthur Robillard (Jerome, Sophie Riberdy) My great-grandfather and husband to Philomene Foucher.

And kneeling we have, left to right..

Anita G. Robillard (Louis Joseph Zenon, Marie Rose Anna Foucher) wife of Edward Chaput.

Fabiola Robillard (Joseph Arthur, Philomene Foucher) she is wife to Francois Fournier (not pictured here.)

I can't get over the resemblance between Pepere (Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard) and his mother Philomene. Its incredible. Thank-you Roger : )

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