Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: NAVSECGRU KamiSeya, Japan, 1961 - 1963, Robillard

Photograph and text used with permission from Joseph A. Glockner CTTCS, USN Retired webmaster of The Worldwide CT Community and Naval Security website.

From the personal collection of David T. Herr

Kami Seya 1961-1963

Bottom row, third from left is Ronnie Brooks. (ID from Bill Lockert 10-24-2004)
Back row, L -> R: Don Kolpan - Long Island, Dave "Ben" Herr, Reading, PA, now Long Island, Joe Wilson, don't know,don't know, Jerry Robillard - Lowell, MA, (not sure), Ron Stringfellow - California, (don't know),(behind - "Dusty" Rhodes), (not sure), (not sure), (not sure), (not sure), Forrest Voss (holding cocktail),Frank "Sack" Mastrioanni - Stubenville, OH, (not sure)
Front row, L ->R: Bending down: ?Rick Aseros, don't know. Kneeling: Ron Demeter, don't know, don't know,(poss Tom Melling - Indiana), Shellabarger - Nebraska, Dan Marks (with Voss' hand on head)
(ID's from Pete Kapernick 10-30-2004)
I believe it is Dave DeMark 5th from right on back row. (ID from Jay B. Ousey 1/30/2005)
I believe that the fourth guy from the right in the back row (shirtless) is CTR Charlie Arbogast. (ID from Joe Morrison 1/16/2007)


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    The tall guy, third from the right, in the picture, holding the drink, I believe, is Jim Trexler. I was stationed with him in Hakata, Japan in 1965-66.

    Terry Swann
    CTR1 Retired

  2. Hi Terry, Thanks for your comment!