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The Marriage of Francois Bergeron and Josephine Robillard, Lowell, Massachusetts

Another article from my archives. This is interesting indeed...

Published in The Lowell Sun 9 Jan. 1911, pg. 6.

A pretty wedding was solemnized last night when Rev. Fr. Watelle, O. M. I. , united in marriage Mr. Francois Bergeron and Miss Josephine Robillard. The ceremony was performed at 7 o'clock at St. Joseph's rectory. The witnesses were Mr. Cleophas Heroux, the bride's uncle, and Mr. Phillippe Bergeron, the bridegroom's father. The bride wore a charming gown of white silk with silk lace trimmings, and she carried a bouquet of white roses and carnations.

At 8 o'clock a reception was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cleophas Heroux, 23 Decatur street. There were many guests and a fine entertainment program consisting of piano selections and songs was given by Miss Eugenie Heroux, Messrs. Arthur and Zenon Robillard and Alfred Duval and others. Among the guests present were Mrs. Arsene Robillard of Cohoes, N. Y., and Mr. and Mrs. Felix Albert of Pelham, N.H.

Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron, who received many rich and beautiful gifts will make their home at 23 Decatur street.
Interesting I say because Mrs. Arsene Robillard is the sister-in-law to Arthur and Zenon (I haven't traced Arsene's descendants yet) and an Alfred Duval married Zenon's wife, Rosanna Foucher, after he died in 1918. The marriage was short lived.. But I believe this Alfred to be that Alfred. Also I find it interesting that  Mr. and Mrs. Felix Albert were in attendance. I just finished reading the autobiography of Felix Albert a few weeks ago, it's entitled Immigrant Odyssey: A French-Canadian Habitant in New England.

I wonder who Josephine Robillard's parents were, there is no mention of them in this article.

Josephine's parents are Louis Arsene Robillard (Jerome & Sophie Riberdy) & Josephine Albert (Fermin & Genevieve?)  Now I just have to figure out who Genevieve is and how Felix and Fermin are related : )


  1. Interesting that there is no mention of her parents. That seems very odd! But, the wedding sounds like it was magnificent.

  2. Yes, very interesting. I did a little digging and I find a Josephine and Frank Bergeron enumerated in Jan. 1920, living in Lowell, ward 6. Frank is 31 b. abt. 1889 in Canada, yr. of emmigration is 1907. Josephine is 23, b. abt. 1897 in Massachusetts. There is also a daughter, Cecile, 5 yrs 3 months old born abt. 1914. And lastly Josephine's mother. She is age 57, b. about 1863 in MA??

    Also found the mother Josephine in Lowell, ward 6, in 1910, it says she is married but there is no husband enumerated. She is with daughter Mary, 21 and daughter Josephine, 17. Wasn't able top find anything for 1900 yet.

    I only looked at these records quickly, I'll study them more later on..

  3. mkfoshe@yahoo.com11:07 PM

    Hello Michelle! My name is Monique Gosselin Faucher. Looking at your blog I find that you mention the Albert and Heroux families. My mother's maiden name is Heroux and her grandmother's name is Eugenie Albert Heroux married to Cleophas Heroux. I believe we maybe related to the same people. Please email me at MKFOSHE@yahoo.com and let me know if you think we are related. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Monique Gosselin Faucher