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Some one has the bug: Kluck and Brown

I spent the day with my daughter April today. It was nice, we talked a lot about school, graduation, her friends, her plans for the future and her internship at Edson cemetery. Since starting the internship at Edson, she has changed a bit. I can't explain it, but she is different. During her first week there at the cemetery she was all excited (and so was I). And she was even more excited when she shared with me the fact that there were only 3 Robillard burials in all of the Edson cemetery records. Which, by the way Mom, includes Westlawn cemetery! Of course after she told me this I was in the cemetery the very next time she was working to find those Robillards and thanks to her I did! Anyway, I think this is the first time April and I have ever shared an interest in anything, it's wonderful, maybe more so for me then her, but that's ok. I actually think she looks forward to going to the cemetery every Friday to work and that's a good thing, plus I think she's getting the bug.

So today while April and I were chatting she asked me if I had ever researched her paternal side. Unfortunately, I had to tell her no, I have not. I think she kind of expected that kind of answer though, her father and I have been separated since 1995, and although I respect him and his family, I don't talk about them and to tell the truth, I have never had the desire to do any research on them, until now. So not wanting to disappoint her and actually being happy over her interest, April and I did some research online together today. Her father Tom's surname is Kluck, so we started with that name and what her and I already knew.

April's Grandpa, John J. Kluck, passed away in the year 2000 at Lowell, MA. Not knowing the exact date of his death, nor his birth, we looked him up in the SSDI at rootsweb and this is what we found:
JOHN J KLUCK 30 Apr 1917 02 Oct 2000 (V) 01852 (Lowell, Middlesex, MA)(none specified) 034-01-0681 Massachusetts
I told April that this information tells us his birthday, 30 April 1917, and his date of death, 20 Oct 2000 and that the information was verified. It also tells us his last residence, Lowell, MA, his social security number and what state the number was issued in. I also explained to April that this information is good, Even though it's not alot, it's enough and it shows that we should be able to find her grandfather in the 1920 and 1930 census records!

Unfortunately, April and I didn't have enough time to continue on and research the census today because she had to go visit with her Grandma Kluck, Grandma Kluck is 83 years old, so I made sure I gave her a few research related questions she could ask her Grandma before she left... and I told her I would wait for her to continue and that we'd research some more the next time she came over.

Happy Mother's Day

My mother in 1960...

 Randy Seaver's SNGF:  

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Note or status line on Facebook.

My matrilineal line

1. Pauline Gail Maille (1944-1982)
m. Jerome Robillard

2. Rita G. Moran (1922-1987)
m. Paul E. Maille

3. Yvonne Ferron (1902-1983)
m. John Moran

4. Georgianna Rabouin (1856-1919)
m. Claude Benjman Ferron [Drouin]

5. Domithilde Guillmette (1832-1898)
m. Frederick Rabouin [Drouin]

6. Sophie Hubert (1807-1898)
m. Leandre Guillmette [Drouin]

7. Angelique Desrosiers (1774 -?)
m. Michel Hubert [Drouin]

8. Madeleine St-Louis dit Billy (1751-1830)
m. Joseph Desrosiers [PRDH]

I have not had my mtdna tested and I still have lots of work to do on this line. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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Surname Saturday: Maille

starting with my mother

1. Pauline Gail Maille b. 11 March 1944, Chelmsford, MA, m. Jerome Charles Robillard 13 Nov. 1965, Sacred Heart church, Lowell, MA, d. 5 Nov. 1982, Lowell, MA

2. Paul E. Maille b. 17 July 1917, unknown, m. Rita G. Moran 26 May 1940, St. Patrick's church, Lowell, MA, d. 16 May 1994, St. John's hospital, Lowell, MA

2. Cuthbert Mailleb. 5 Feb 1892, Lowell, MA, m. Rose E Therrien, 13 April 1914, St-Louis de France church, Lowell, MA, d. 17 Dec. 1946, St. Joseph's hospital, Lowell, MA

3. Joseph Alfred 'Adam' Maille b. 25 April 1862, St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, m. Marie Amanda Prud'Homme, 30 Jan 1881, Immaculate Conception church, Lowell, MA, d. 20 Feb. 1933, Dracut, MA

4. Eusebe Maille b. unknown, m. Angelique Chevrette, 3 March 1851, parish of St-Cuthbert, St Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, d. 17 July 1887 St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, buried on the 19 July 1887, cemetery of the parish of St-Cuthbert

5. Joseph Maillet b. unknown, m. Marie Genevieve Masse, 24 June 1816, parish of St-Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, d. unknown

6. Jean Baptiste Mailler b. unknown, m. Marie Blondeau, 26 February 1781, at the parish of St-Pierre-du-Portage, L'Assomption, Quebec, d. unknown

7. Alexandre Maillet/Maguet b. 29 August 1694, (St-Enfant-Jesus), Pointe-aux-Trembles, Ile de Montreal, Quebec (B.17) m. Marie Joseph Beauchamp, 5 November 1724, parish St-Francois-de-Sales, Ile-de-Jesus, Laval, Quebec, buried 17 April 1777, cemetery of the parish St-Francois-de-Sales, Ile-de-Jesus, Laval, Quebec, abt. age 83 yrs. (I can't figure out the day he died)

8. Pierre Maguet baptised. abt. 1663, Paris, France, m. Catherine Perthius, 7 January 1686, (St-Enfant-Jesus) Pointe-aux-Trembles, Ile de Montreal, Quebec, buried 7 June 1725, (St-Joseph) Rivieres-de-Prairies, Quebec.

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Aerial View of Cimetière Saint-Joseph, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Albert Riezebos sent me the link.. I am hoping it will load on my blog here.. If you zoom in you can see the separate sections of the cemetery perfectly.

View Larger Map

Yesterday when I was therelooking for a few stones I found a turtle making his way around. Cute huh. He was leaving the Via Crucis here. When I made my way back about 10 minutes later he was in the street, so I helped him along.

I also found a flat marker for a Joseph H. Lecuyer 1896 - 1947 and an Agnes Lecuyer 1898 - in the woods right where you enter the Via Crucis. The marker had about 4 feet of solid cement adhered to the bottom of it. I meant to go into the office and ask them if they were aware of it but I forgot.

I love this cemetery, I always feel a great sense of inner peace when I am there. I want to be buried by the lilacs..

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

DRACUT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Presents the first New England Lecture about "Write Quick"


The Talk will include material about the Fox Family and Marsh Hill Farm in Dracut not covered in other presentations and not covered in the “Write Quick” book.

Two women with New England roots have completed a popular history; the story of two New England infantrymen. The book-which includes photos, company rosters, regimental activities, maps and family trees- will be published by Winoca Press of Wilmington, N.C., in early April.

The authors are Ann Fox Chandonnet of Vale, N.C., and Roberta Gibson Pevear of Exeter, New Hampshire. Chandonnet was born in Lowell, Mass., and grew up in nearby Dracut. Pevear grew up in Maine. The women's families have ties with New England that go back for centuries.

Eliza Bean Foster and Daughter The infantrymen are Henry Charles Foster and Andrew Jackson Bean. Foster was born in Vermont and later lived in Lowell, Mass. He enlisted with the 26th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and died after being wounded at the battle of Third Winchester, Virginia. He was stationed for many months in New Orleans, and one of his letters is a dramatic play-by-play of the Battle of Sabine Pass.

Andrew Jackson Bean was born in Maine, where the national economic downturn made life difficult. He enlisted in the 5th Maine Volunteer Infantry, a regiment known for taking prisoners and battle flags. Bean survived the war, and became guardian of Foster's children, after Henry's wife Eliza (Andrew's sister) died of consumption - probably due to work in textile mills.

"Write Quick": War and a Woman's Life in Letters, 1835-1867 explores the extended kinship network of the Foster, Bean, Lynch, and Fox families, which included Gustavus Vasa Fox, Assistant Secretary to the Navy under Abraham Lincoln. Chandonnet is a fourth cousin of "Gus."

Chandonnet is a magna cum laude graduate of Lowell State College (now University of MA, Lowell), majoring in English and minoring in history. Her master's degree is from the University of Wisconsin (Madison). She lived and worked in Alaska for 34 years, where she was adjunct faculty for the University of Alaska Anchorage and worked as a newspaper reporter.

Co-author is Bobbi Pevear of Exeter, New Hampshire, who is descended from Eliza Bean Foster, the main "character" of the book. Bobbi and Ann are third cousins, once removed. Pevear, 79, grew up in Eliza's home town of Bethel, Maine. She served five terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and had a 35-year career in business administration and law. Bobbi's mother, Thirza Estelle Hickford Gibson (1893-1986) saved the documents on which the book is based.

Chandonnet is the award-winning author of many books including the Fodor travel guide, Alaska's Inside Passage, and the food history, Gold Rush Grub.

This is Pevear's first book.

Chandonnet and Pevear will tour New England in May. Their first appearance will be a lecture at the Dracut Historical Society at 1 p.m., Sunday, May 16. On Monday, May 17, at 7 p.m., both Pevear and Chandonnet will lecture at the Hampton Falls Historical Society.

In connection with a larger exhibit about Lincoln and Emancipation, Chandonnet will lecture at 7 p.m. on May 19 at the Pollard Memorial Library in Lowell. A lecture is also scheduled for Saturday, May 22, at the Bethel Historical Society. On the afternoon of May 23, Chandonnet will give a presentation about Andrew Bean and the Fifth Maine Infantry at the Fifth Maine Infantry Museum on Peaks Island near Portland.

Date: Sunday May 16, 2010
Time: 1 PM
Place: Harmony Hall, 1660 Lakeview Ave., Dracut, MA
(next to the Dracut Historical Society)

I have to chuckle...

Looking up a Drouin record to confirm the information I had found at BMS2000 for the marriage of  Moise Prud'Homme and Marie Adeline Philomene Desrosiers. I know they were married 8 June 1858 at St-Joseph de Lanoraie in Berthier county Quebec so I input most of that information into an ancestry search and this is how I found them indexed..

Name:      Moise Shunhouse
[Moise Prudhomme]
Spouse:     Adeline Kilominta Desrosiers
Event Year:     1858
Event:     Mariage (Marriage)
Religion:     Catholique
Place of Worship or Institution:     Lanoraie
Province:     Québec (Quebec)

Close enough I guess, roflmao.  Who the heck do they have indexing these things??

Tombstone Tuesday: Ferron/Simoneau, Cimetière Saint-Joseph, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Sec. C., lot # unknown. I need to get a copy of the paper work for this plot. I took the top picture last Saturday and the bottom one the weekend before. Those are Gerbera daisies in the planters. My girls helped me plant them last weekend.

According to the headstone, buried here are Georgianna (Rabouin) Ferron and her husband Claude. Claude and his first wife, Celina Lamay's daughter, Celina Ferron. Claude and Georgianna's son, Joseph Edmond Ferron. Claude and Georgianna's grandson, a son of Yvonne Ferron and John Moran, John Moran. Alfred Simoneau, husband of Claude and Georgianna's daughter Victoria (Ferron) Simoneau, who is also buried here and Blanche Aldea (Ferron) Guilmette, wife of Alfred P. Guilmette, also a daughter of Claude and Georgianna. All of the obituaries for the people mentioned above, except for John Moran's, have been posted to my blog.

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Sentimental Sunday: Garde Sacre Coeur Observes Anniversary With a Parade, Drill Contest and Banquet

Published in The Lowell Sun, Monday, June 11, 1934, pg. 12.
Garde Sacre Coeur, local semi-military organization connected with Notre Dame de Lourdes parish, celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding yesterday with a solemn high mass in Notre Dame de Lourdes church, followed by a military contest in the afternoon at Washington park. The day's celebration ended with a banquet in C. M. A. C. hall last evening at which were present guests from all parts of New England.

Rev. Arthur St. Cyr, O. M. I., pastor of the parish, was the celebrant of the military high mass at 11 o'clock. He was assisted by Rev. D. Dalphee, O. M. I., as deacon and Rev. Eugene Labrie, O. M. I., as sub-deacon. The choir, under the direction of Alberic Ducharme and Miss Bella LaVigne as organist, sang Vito Carnevali's "Rosa Mystica" mass. The sanctuary was decorated with streamers of blue and white, with a shield suspended in the center with the letters G. S. C., and the numerals 25 in silver. American flags and the emblems of the various organizations present were placed on each side of the altar. At the elevation all the guards stood at attention and presented arms. Rev. Joseph Bolduc, O. M. I., extended the parish's congratulations and best wishes to the Garde Sacre Coeur and presented preacher Rev. Antoine Barrette, O. M. I., of St. Jean d'Arc church and a former chaplain of the guard. Rev. Fr. Barrettte chose at his subject, "Take Courage, Arm Yourself With Great Will Power in Order to Obey All the Laws." He charged that modern materialism, due by the lack of conscience in modern people had caused the crime wave and the financial disaster and that the lack of respect by young people for their elders and lack of love for the mother had culminated in an indifference towards law in general. He pointed out the such organizations as the guard had a strong influence on young people and filled a need now existing in many centers. He invited the members to continue their efforts in order to make better citizens.

The following guards were present at the mass; Garde Independente of New Bedford (women), Miss Valentine Labossiere, captain;  Garde d'Honneur of Brocton, Capt. Raymond Mandeville; Company A, Garde Franco Americaine of Worcester, Lieut Col. Renaud in command; Garde St. Joseph of Fitchburg, Capt. Lionel Mandler; the girls guard, Garde d'Honneur of Worcester, Capt. Marie Renault; Garde Rochambeau, Nashua, Maj. R. A. Bonnette; Garde Marquette, Nashua, Capt. C. H. Desmaris; Garde St. Louis, Lowell, Capt. George Menard, and Garde Sacre Coeur, Lowell, Capt. Brule. The following represented the French-American War Veterans association: Frank Fournier, Joseph Breton, Valmore Savard, Louis Renaud, Andre Laverriere, Alfred Hall. The auxiliary of the same organization was represented by Mrs. Exilda Breton, Mrs. Fabiola Fournier, Mrs. Yvonne Renaud. Police Officer Jeremiah Dooley handled the traffic before and after the mass.

At 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, a large crowd witnessed a series of military drills in which the various guards contested for four beautiful cups offered by the Garde Sacre Coeur. Those taking part were Garde d'Honneur of Brockton, Garde St. Joseph, Fitchburg; Garde Rochambeau, Nashua, with Capt Armand Nepveu in command; Garde Marquette, Nashua; Garde d'Honneur, Worcester; Garde Independente, New Bedford, and Co. A, Garde Franco-Americaine, Worcester. Frank Rock of Worcester was the drummer. First prize for the best women's guard was won by Garde Independente, New Bedford with a percentage of 81.7. Second prize for the women guards went to Garde d'Honneur, Worcester, with a percentage of 73.3. First prize for the best using both the fancy and military movements went to Co. A., Garde Franco-Americaine, Worcester, with a percentage of 80.8, while first prize for strictly military drill was won by Garde St. Joseph of Fitchburg with a percentage of 76.2. Immediately after the competition of the contest and exhibition was put on by the Four Horsemen from the Garde Independente of Worcester. These men executed more than 172 movements with out a command. The judges for the drill were all officers from the 182 Infantry, Lowell, Capt. George Crowell, Medford; Lieut. John F. Fitzgerald, Lowell, and Lieut. Stanley W. Hirtle, Malden.

At the banquet in the C. M. A. C. hall, Lieut. Joseph Belanger was master of ceremonies. The speakers were Rev. Antoine Barrette, O. M. I., Dewey G. Archambault, Albert Bergeron, Louis Renaud and Eiphege Phaneuf. In his remarks, Mr. Archambault praised the semi-military guards in this country. The cultivate love for our country. European countries have compulsory military training to help develop this love, while the United States do not have this compulsory training and the only outlet that citizens have for this inborn urge for fighting is through the militia and various organizations, such as the guard. Military training, said Mr. Archambault, makes better citizens, teaching submission to discipline. President  Eiphege Pahneuf of the C. M. A> C. brought the best wishes of his organization and asked for greater unity between various Franco-American organizations. He urged the formation of the federation of clubs in order to assure this unity of purpose. The musical program under the direction of Armand Boisvert was as follows: Solos by Jeannette Guilbault, Arthur Malo, Roland Dozois; duets by Jeannette Guilbault and Arthur Malo; the Dalphond sisters; violin solor by Armand Boisvert. Miss Isabelle Boisvert accompanied Mr. Dozois at the piano while Mrs. Anita Patenaude played for Miss Guilbault and Mr. Malo. The banquet ended with the singing of "O Canada" and the "Star Spangled Banner." The committe in charge was 1st Lieut. Joseph Belanger, Joseph Lavalle, Omer Moreau, Armand Boisvert.

To find out more about Franco-American Gardes of Lowell and New England please visit Dennis Taylor's website, FRANCO-AMERICAN & OTHER GARDES OF NEW ENGLAND, NEW YORK & QUEBEC.

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LHS- Lowell Historical Society: “New Discoveries in Lowell”

Date & Time: Saturday, May 15, 2010

The annual business meeting including election of officers and board members will begin at 2:00pm followed by the program at 2:30pm.

Program: The program “New Discoveries in Lowell” will be presented by Corey Scuito.

Description: The Lowell Sun recently called Corey Sciuto - “The unofficial Ambassador of Lowell.” Corey is a young, Lowell-based blogger and software engineer who has photographed and written about Lowell – the past and the present - over the last several years. Corey will discuss his interest and approaches to documenting Lowell’s historic places, influences on his work and how he uses the Web to showcase the city’s historical and cultural landscapes.

Location: The meeting and presentation will take place in the Community Room on the lower level of the Pollard Memorial Library. There is parking available on the street and in the library patrons’ parking lot. Refreshments will be served.

For more information contact the LHS Clerk at or call the Society at 978-970-5180.

LHS- Lowell Historical Society

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The Obituary of Edouard Courtois of Lowell, MA

Sent to me by Eric Christian. Published in The Lowell Sun, Monday, April 14, 1958. Thank-you Eric.
Man Dies on Way to Church

LOWELL--Joseph E. Courtois of 126 Textile avenue, better known as Eddie Courtois, died unexpectedly yesterday.

Mr. Courtois was walking along textile avenue on his was to church and upon reaching White street was stricken with an apparent weak spell.
He was removed to St. Joseph's hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

He was assistant steward at the Yovick club. Mr. Courtois was a communicant of Ste. Jean d'Arc church.

He was married to the former Irene Christian, who survives him, along with a daughter, Maureen V. Courtois; a son, Donald J. Courtois; three sisters, Mrs. Eugene Perrin, Mrs. George Loiselle, Mrs. Lucien Labbe; two brothers, Albert Courtois and Lionel Courtois.

The Obituary of Mrs. Lillian Robillard

Published in The Nashua Telegraph, Monday, January 19, 1976. pg. 2.


Mrs. Lillian (Fortin) Robillard, 69, of Lowell, Mass., died yesterday in a Lowell nursing home after a brief illness. She was the mother of Roland A. Robillard of Hudson.

Mrs. Robillard was born in Victoriaville, Canada, Dec. 29, 1906, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George (Emma Bellehumeur) Fortin. She was a communicant of Immaculate Conception Church, Lowell, Mass. Prior to her retirement she was employed by Southwell Combing Co., Lowell, Mass., for many years.

Besides her son, she leaves a brother, Omer Fortin of Lowell, Mass; four grandchildren, Charles, Kenneth, Robin and Renee Parker, all of Hudson and two step-grandchildren, Mrs. Richard (Patricia) Nucci of San Diego, Calif., and Mrs. George (Judith) St. Hilaire of Hudson.

The Laurin Funeral Home, Lowell, Mass., is in charge of arrangements.

ROBILLARD -- Died in Lowell, January 18, 1976, Mrs. Lillian (Fortin) Robillard, formerly of 50 Chestnut St. in Lowell. Friends may call at the M.R. Laurin and Son Funeral Home, 295 Pawtucket St., Lowell from 7-9 tonight and 2-4 and 7-9 Tuesday. Funeral Wednesday morning. A funeral Mass will be celebrated at Immaculate Conception Church in Lowell at 9 a.m. Burial in St. Joseph Cemetery in East Chelmsford, Mass.

The Obituary of Sister Lorraine R. Maille of Petersham, MA

Published in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Jan 4, 2006. pg. B.4

Sister Lorraine R. Maille, 70

PETERSHAM -- Sister Lorraine R. Maille, formerly known as Sr. Germaine de lImmaculee, of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, died of leukemia at the age of 70 on January 1, 2006.

Born in Dracut, MA, she was the daughter of Louis Philip and Germaine (Lecour) Maille. She attended St. Louis Elementary School and graduated from St. Louis Academy.

She obtained a B.A. from River College, Nashua, NH in Sociology an M.A. in Psychology and Counseling from Assumption College, Worcester, MA.

She taught junior high school for twenty years in several parochial schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Subsequently, she worked as a counselor in the Special Academic Services Department at the University of MA at Lowell for ten years and was the Director of the Counseling Department at Lowell Catholic High School for the last twelve years of her career.

She leaves one sister Jeannine (Maille) Bursey and a brother-in- law Robert of Dracut and a number of nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. Three brothers, Raymond, Lionel and Robert and two sisters, Mrs. Pauline Dunn and Mrs. Carmen Chapacharis, have predeceased her.

Calling hours at Assumption Residence on Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm with a prayer service at 4:30 pm.

The funeral Mass will be celebrated on Thursday, January 5 at 10:00 a.m. in the chapel of Assumption Residence with burial in the East Street Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Sister of the Assumption Retirement Fund, P.O. Box 128, Petersham, MA 01366.

Arrangements are by F.J. Edward Murphy Funeral Home, Athol.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Published in The Lowell Sun, Saturday, May 13, 1916, pg. 9

But for the quick arrival and presence of mind of Theophile Courtois of 177 Hall street and employed as a clerk at his father's store at 175 Hall street, another drowning would have been recorded this morning, for Mr. Courtois saved from a watery grave Rene L'Abbe, 3 years and 3 months old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert L'Abbe of 6 Regina place.

Shortly before 10 o'clock this forenoon the L'Abbe boy with his brother, Edouard, six years old, and a cousin, Arsene Glaude, 7 years of age, was playing on the banks of the canal in Cheever street between Aiken street and Pawtucket street. The boys were seated on the edge of the canal and were playing in the water with their feet. Rene, who is not as tall as the other boys could not reach the water and he attempted to lower himself to the water edge and fell in.

The boys shrieked for help and at this time Mr. Courtois was going through Cheever street with a basket of groceries. After hearing the outcries for help, he vaulted the fence and with out hesitating a moment threw himself into the water and succeeded in catching the little fellow, who was sinking for a third time. The boy, who was in a semi-conscious condition, was carried to the home of his parents by Mr. Courtois and now is none the worse for his cold bath. Mr. Courtois was warmly congratulated for his act of bravery by the many who witnessed the heroic feat.

The Obituary of Mrs. Frank Prowdy, Formerly Miss Flore Courtois

Published in The Lowell Sun, Monday, March 13, 1905, pg. 7.

PROWDY--Mrs. Frank Prowdy of Providence, R. I., formerly Miss Flore Courtois of this city, died Friday night at her home in that city, aged 29 years. She leaves, besides her husband, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moise Courtois, of this city, four brothers and three sisters, Theophile Courtois of Worcester, and Napoleon, Charles, Arthur, Eva, Irene and Alice Courtois all of this city. Her body was removed Saturday to the home of her parents in this city, in care of Undertaker Joseph Albert.

The Funeral of Wilfrid Montbleau

Published in The Lowell Sun, Wednesday, December 8, 1909, pg. 2.

MONTBLEAU--The funeral of Wilfrid Montbleau took place yesterday morning from his home, 449 Moody street, with funeral services at St. Jean Baptiste church. Rev. Fr. Magnan, O. M. I., officiated. The choir sang Perrault's mass. Dr. George E. Caisse directed and Arthur J. Martel played the organ. The bearers were Napoleon Daigle, Gedeon Lariviere, Antoine Mainville, Theophile Courtois, Aldemar Dube and Napoleon L'Heureux. Burial was in St. Joseph's cemetery, and Rev. Fr. Amyot, O. M. I. officiated at the grave. Undertaker Amedee Archambault had charge.

The deceased left a wife and two sons, Armand and Raphael; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Montbleau, three brothers, Adelard of LaPairie, Que., and Henry and Orphea of Lowell, and four sisters, Mrs. Napoleon Daigle, Mrs. Gedeon Lariviere, Mrs. Antoine Mainville and Mrs. Theophile Courtois, all of Lowell.

Wilfrid was the brother of Victoria Monbleau, wife of Theophile Courtois.

The Marriage of Mr. Theophile Courtois and Miss Victoria Monbleau

Published in The Lowell Daily Sun, Thursday, July 9, 1896, pg. 1.

Of the June weddings, one that was not mentioned occurred at St. Joseph's church June 29, at which Mr. Theophile Courtois led to the altar Miss Victoria Monbleau.

After the ceremony was performed the newly wedded couple and their relatives returned to the groom's house and partook of an elegant spread that awaited their arrival after which the happiest two of those assembled there went on a wedding tour to the New Hampshire hills stopping at Peterboro. A reception followed at which there was a vast array of presents.

The Obituary of Mrs. Frank Savard, nee Anselme Picard

Published in The Saturday Evening Lowell Sun, June 8, 1912. No page number.
SAVARD -- Mrs. Frank Savard, nee Anselmee Picard, aged 56 years, 7 months and 2 days, died today at her late home, 23 Ennell street. She is survived by a husband, three sons, Alcidas, Edouard and Olivier, and two daughters, Mesdames Joseph Tremblay and Alexandre Grondin.
Published in The Lowell Sun, June 10, 1912. No page number.
SAVARD -- The funeral of Mrs. Frank Savard took place this morning from her home, 22 Ennell street. Solemn high mass of requiem was celebrated at 8 o'clock at St. Louis church by Rev. J. N. Jacques, assisted by Rev. R. A. Fortier and Rev. L. C. Bedard as deacon and sub-deacon. The choir was under the direction of Mr. Olier J. David, Miss Ida Monsgrain presiding at the organ. The bearers were Pierre and Celestin Picard, Alcida and Edouard Savard, Abraham Grondin and Joseph Tremblay. St. Anne's sodality was represented by the following: Mesdames Grondin, Bernier, Gosselin and Boudreau. The delegation from the Third Order of St. Francis was as follows: Mesdames Pigeon, Savard, Masse and Gauthier. Burial was in St. Joseph's cemetery in charge of Undertaker Joseph Albert.

Tombstone Tuesday: Albert Courtois & Celine Mayotte, Cimetière Saint-Joseph, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Section E, lot 142. Buried here is Albert H. Courtois. Albert was born the 30th of December, 1903 in Worcester, Massachusetts, the son of Theophile Courtois and Victoria Monbleau. He married Celine Mayotte and died on the 29th of April 1986. Celine Mayotte, Albert's wife, daughter of Olympe Mayotte and Marie-Blanche-Alice Jodoin, was born on the 16th of July, 1915 in Lowell, Massachusetts. She died on the 29th of October 1970 in Lowell, MA.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Miss Moran to Wed Paul Maille

Published in The Lowell Sun, Saturday May 11, 1940, pg. 5.
Bride-to-Be Is Guest at Shower

LOWELL -- Miss Rita Moran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Farley, 2 Dutton street, was honored guest at a pre-nuptial testimonial held at her home Thursday night in anticipation of her marriage. On May 26 at St. Patrick's church, she is to become the bride of Mr. Paul Maille, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbert Maille, Wheeler road, Dracut. Mr. Maille is a graduate of the Sacred Heart school in Nashua, N. H. He attended St. Louis de France school in this city and has an important position in the nationally known Jasper poultry farm. Miss Moran is a graduate of St. Patrick's girls school and attended Lowell High school, being a member of the Tri-Hi club.

Buffet Luncheon

At the testimonial a buffet luncheon was served by Mrs. Joseph Gagnon, Mrs. Blanche Guilmette, Mrs. V. Simoneau, Mrs. Peter Farley, Mrs. Leo Fortin, Mrs. Cuthbert Maille. The guest book was in charge of Mrs. Wallace Scobie. During the evening an entertainment was enjoyed. Those present were: The Misses Dorothy Sullivan, Rita Paquin, Virginia Gallagher, Dorothy Normandy, Rita Ferron, Beatrice Kraus, Rose McKinnon, Gertrude Therrien, Priscilla Maille, Kay Spillane, Eleanor Mack, Anne Martineau, Mary Demeres, Irene Lescard, Helen Lescard, Blanche Alberts, Teresa Gagnon, Rena Gagnon, Dorothy Methey, Germaine Clermont, Helen Stafford, Shirley Lounds, Alice Mahoney, Irene Courtois, Mrs. Emile Lussier, Mrs. James McCluskey, Mrs. James Hayes, Mrs. James Farley, Mrs. Leo Fortin, Mrs. Annette Robitaille, Mrs. Rose Belanger, Aleilia Rouleau, Mrs. Blanche Rouleau, Mrs. Oscar Martineau, Mrs. Emma Parent, Mrs. Worth McHomb, Mrs. Fred Simoneau, Mrs. Joseph Gagnon, Mrs. James Mckeon, Mrs. Mary Daly, Mrs. Ernest Blackburn, Mrs. Arthur Methey, Mrs. harold Wilkins, Mrs. Joseph Clermont, Mrs. Albert Daignault, Mrs. Alfred Therrien, Mrs. John Croteau, Mrs. Edward Fortin, Mrs. William Stafford, Mrs. Albert Simms, Mrs. Henry Ferron, Mrs. Cuthbert Maille, Mrs. Wilfred Courtemanche, Mrs. Ephrem Guilmette, Mrs. Joseph Hamel, Mrs. Eugene Gagnon, Mrs. Adelard Gagnon, Mrs. Wilfred Rondeau, Mrs. Elsie Lounds, Mrs. Leon Mahoney, Mrs. Jack Higgins, Mrs Ernest Lawrence and several others.

Surname Saturday: Robillard

I have decided to participate in the GeneaBlogger's Surname Saturday blogging prompt for the next few weeks. I was hesitant to do so in the past as I had plans to publish my database to the web using John Cardinal's Second Site, but those plans have been put on hold. So for my first installment of Surname Saturday I will feature my Robillard line starting with myself.

1. Michelle Robillard

2. Jerome Charles Robillard, b. 2 Jan 1943, Manchester, N.H., m. Pauline Gail Maille, 13 Nov. 1965 Sacred Heart church, Lowell, MA, d. 22 Feb. 2009, Lowell, MA

3. Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard, b. 16 Dec. 1897, Ste-Melanie, Joliette, Quebec, m. Louise Esther Wright, 2 Dec. 1917, Boston, MA, d. 24 May 1983, Lowell, MA

4. Joseph Arthur Robillard, b. 12 Oct. 1867, Ste-Melanie, Joliette Quebec, m. Marie Louise Philomene Foucher, 11 Sept. 1893, Ste-Melanie, Joliette, Quebec, d. 30 Jan. 1937, Lowell, MA

5. Jerome Robillard, b. 20 Jul. 1825 Ste-Elisabeth, Joliette, Quebec, m. Sophie Riberdy, 9 Nov. 1863, Ste-Melanie, Quebec, d. 16 Nov. 1884 Ste-Melanie, Joliette, Quebec.

6. Louis Robillard, b. 12 Mar. 1798, St-Sulpice, L'Assomption, Quebec, m. Genevieve Riberdy, 4 Aug 1823, Ste-Elisabeth, Joliette, Quebec, d. Unknown.

7. Joseph Robillard, b. 15 Apr. 1761, Lavaltrie, Berthier, Quebec, m. Marie Josephe Rivet, 31 Jan 1785, St-Sulpice, L'Assomption, Quebec, d. 04 Sept. 1850, St-Sulpice, L'Assomption, Quebec

8. Pierre Robillard, baptised 10 Nov. 1724 (ne de hier?), St-Sulpice, L'Assomption, Quebec, m. Marie Amable Beignet, 8 Aug 1746, St-Sulpice, L'Assomption, Quebec, d. Unknown

9. Joseph Robillard, baptised 13 Apr. 1689, Notre Dame de Montreal, Ile-de-Montreal, Quebec, m. Marguerite Bazinet dit Tourblanche 20 Apr. 1711, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Ile-de-Montreal, Quebec, d. 21 Mar. 1768 Lavaltrie, Berthier, Quebec

10. Claude Robillard, b. abt. 1650 Rouen, Normandie, France, m. Marie Grandin, abt. 1681, Champlain, Champlain, Quebec, d. 24 May 1719, St-Sulpice, L'Assomption, Quebec.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Birth and Baptism of Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard, 1897 Ste-Melanie, Quebec

Below are copies of my grandfather's birth and baptism records. Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard was born on the 16th of December, 1897 in Ste-Melanie, Joliette, Quebec Canada. He and my oldest daughter, Tabitha, share this birth date. His parents were Joseph-'Arthur' Robillard and Marie-Louise-'Philomene' Foucher.

Also, It has come to my attention that there are several public trees on propagating false information in regard to my grandfather's parentage. Therefore, it is to be noted that my grandfather's parents are NOT the Simeon Robillard and Melina Ayotte Dit Malo Robillard couple.


1897 Ste-Mélanie d'Alliebout Co-Joliette, PQ
B55 Jos. Zenon Heria Robillard
Register Photocopy to the Greffe of Joliette

This seventeenth day of December one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, we the undersigned priest have baptized Joseph Zénon Heria born yesterday from the lawful marriage of Arthur Robillard, shoemaker, and of Philomène Foucher of this parish. The godfather was Zénon Robillard, teacher, and the godmother was Rosanna Foucher both of this parish and who have signed with the father. The godmother is the godfather’s wife. Duly read.

For more information on Joseph please search the label Robillard or contact me on facebook .

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Robillards, Fouchers and a Chaput

This treasure comes to me courtesy of my cousin Roger Foucher (Joseph Hector Gerard, Juliette Simonne Desrosiers) of Washington.

According to Roger, the people in the photo above are as follows... Moving left to right standing,

1. Edward Chaput, husband of Anita G. Robillard (L.J.Zenon, Marie Rose Anna Foucher).

2. Marie Louise Philomene Foucher, (Joseph, Flavie Bruneau) wife of Joseph Arthur Robillard. Philomene was my great-grandmother.

3. Joseph Hector Gerard Foucher (Joseph Narcisse, Marie Boucher) his god parents were Joseph Arthur Robillard and Philomene Foucher.

4. Marie Rose Anna Foucher (Joseph, Flavie Bruneau) Sister to my great-grandmother Philomene and wife of Louis Joseph Zenon Robillard (not pictured here. He was a brother to my great-grandfather).

5. Joseph Arthur Robillard (Jerome, Sophie Riberdy) My great-grandfather and husband to Philomene Foucher.

And kneeling we have, left to right..

Anita G. Robillard (Louis Joseph Zenon, Marie Rose Anna Foucher) wife of Edward Chaput.

Fabiola Robillard (Joseph Arthur, Philomene Foucher) she is wife to Francois Fournier (not pictured here.)

I can't get over the resemblance between Pepere (Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard) and his mother Philomene. Its incredible. Thank-you Roger : )

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The Obituary of Mrs. Malvina Savard of Lowell, Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun, Thursday, February 13, 1975, pg. 32.
Mrs. Savard
... St. Jean Baptiste

Mrs. Malvina (Otis) Savard, widow of Edouard Savard, died last evening at the Glenside Nursing home. She was born in Canada and had been a resident of Lowell for over half a century, establishing her residence at 23 Dodge St. She was the daughter of Cyrille and Adele (Lamontange) Otis and was a communicant of St. Jean Baptiste Parish. She was a member of L'Association Marie Immaculee of the same parish. She is survived by a son, Maurice Savard of Lowell; and a sister, Mrs. Dora Brown of Lynn.

The Obituary of Edouard Savard of Lowell, Massachusetts

Published in The Lowell Sun, Monday September 24th, 1928, pg. 5.
SAVARD -- Edouard Savard, a life long resident of this city died last night at his home, 243 White street, aged 44 years. He was well and favorably known in this city among a large number of friends. He is survived by his widow, Malvina (Otis) Savard; two sons, Raymond of Lowell, and Maurice in the U. S. cavalry at Burlington, Vt.; two brothers, Arthur and Olivier, both of Lowell, and two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Tremblay of Chelmsford and Mrs. Abraham Grondin of Lowell.

SAVARD -- The funeral of Edouard Savard will take place Wednesday morning from his late home, 243 White street. Solemn high funeral mass will be celebrated at 9 o'clock at Ste. Jeanne d'Arc church. Arrangements are in charge of Funeral Director Joseph E. Tremblay.
Published in The Lowell Sun, September 26, 1928, pg. 3.
SAVARD -- The funeral of Edouard Savard took place this morning at 8 o'clock from his late home, 243 White street. Solemn high funeral mass was celebrated at 9 o'clock at Ste. Jeanne d'Arc church by Rev. Victor Choquette as deacon and Rev. Leon Lamothe as sub-deacon. The choir under he direction of organist Miss Antoinette Dion, sang Abbe Pereault's funeral mass, the solos being sustained by Mr. Ed. P Gregoire, Mr. George Hebert, Mr. Napoleon Milot, Mrs. Antoinette Boudreau, Miss Stella Latour and Mrs. Wilfred Payette. At the offertory Mr. George Hebert sang Leybach's "Pie Jesu"; at the communion Miss Stella Latour sang "O Meritum Passionis"; at the end of mass the choir sang "De Profundis" and as the body was being borne out of the church Mrs. Antoinette Boudreau and Miss Stella Latour sang "Faure's Crucifix." The bearers were Messrs. Arthur Germain, Alphonse Bolduc, Ernest Bergeron, Abraham Grondin, Ernest LaBourdais and Arthur H. R. Giroux. Burial was in the family lot in St. Joseph's cemetery. Among those from out of town were Mrs. J. Shea from Boston, Mr and Mrs. Pierre Picard and Miss Lorraine Picard, all from Fall River, Mrs. Edward Brown of Lynn, Mr and Mrs. Arsene Deneault of Manchester, N. H., Miss Claire Deneault, Mrs. Joseph Deneault, Mr and Mrs. Ramsey, all of Pelham, N. H.; Mr and Mrs. Joseph Plourde and Miss Plourde all of Salem, Mass. Arrangements were in charge of Funeral Director Joseph E. Tremblay.

Tombstone Tuesday: Edouard Savard & Malvina Otis, Cimetière Saint-Joseph, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Sec. BB, lot 44. Buried here is Edouard Savard, a son of Francois Xavier Savard and Anselme Picard. Edouard is believed to have been born in May of 1885, in Lowell, MA. On October 20th, 1907 he married Malvina Otis, a daughter of Cyrille Otis and Adele LaMontange, at St. Jean Baptiste church in Lowell. Edouard died at home, 243 White St., in Lowell, on September 23rd, 1928. Malvina, also buried here, died on February 12th, 1975 at the Glenside Nursing Home, also in Lowell.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Published in The Lowell Sun, June 10th, 1919, pg. 2
Lowell Man Who Figured As Principal in Murder, Allowed His Freedom

Henri Ferron, of this city, who since 1910 has been condemned to the insane department of the state farm at Bridgewater for the murder of Flora Lariviere, which occurred in Hareford place, off marshall street on the evening of Jan. 26, 1910, was released yesterday afternoon after the charge of murder against him was placed on file by Justice Hugo A. Dubuque at the criminal session of the superior court in East Cambridge. Ferron spent last night in this city and this evening will leave for Massey Station, Ontario, Canada where he will live with his uncle and aunt.

Although very thin in appearance, Ferron is enjoying the best of health and says the treatment he received at the institution was most satisfactory. "I have lost at least 15 oounds during my incareration." he said, "but that was due to confinement for several years."

The mutilated body of Flora Lariviere, a married woman, was found on a mattress in the kitchen of her home at 3 Hareford place, off Marshall street on the morning of Jan. 26, 1910. A search was immediately started for Henri Ferron, who was known to have lived there, and had disappeared. A few weeks later word was recieved in this city that Ferron had been captured at St. Sebastion, Que., and Lowell officers went to Canada and returned with the prisioner. He did not fight extradition.

Ferron was kept under observation for a few days and finally was declared insane by two physicians and sent to the insane department of the state farm at Bridgewater. During his long stay at the farm Ferron was a model prisioner and won the confidence of the attendants and officials to such an extent that after five years he was given considerable freedom. He conducted a clothes cleaning and pressing deaprtment and in this manner was able to save enough money to care for his aged mother, up to the time of her death, which occured in this city, April, 15, 1917. During his spare time Ferron also learned the carving business.

About a year ago through the recommendations of his attendants Ferron was placed on parole and given more freedom than ever. He was transferred from the insane department to the farm and assisted in looking after the livestock. Through the efforts of Lawyer A. O. Hamel and Joseph Albert of this city, who became interested in the prisioner, a petition for his release was filed with the proper authorities and several hearings were held. Yesterday afternoon Ferron was taken to East Cambridge and appeared before Judge Dubuque at the criminal session of the superior court. By the terms of his parole Ferron is to go to Canada and live on a farm with relatives, an uncle and aunt. Dr. Frank H. Carlisle, medical director of the hospital, gave a written statement to the effect that Ferron had shown no traces of insanity and perfectly safe to be at large. Ferron is 32 years old.

This explains why I couldn't find him the 1920 census. He does, however, appear in the 1910 census at Bridgewater state hospital. Note that Joseph Albert had a hand in getting him released. Interesting...

Madness Monday: JUDGE BOND Sentenced Ferron to Insane Hospital at Bridgewater

Published in the Lowell Sun, Wednesday January 26th, 1910, pg. 4.
BOSTON, Jan 26 -- Henri Ferron of Lowell was yesterday judged to be insane at the time of the murder of Mrs. Flora Rivers at Lowell on July 1, 1909, for which he was indicted in the first degree. Judge Bond immediately sentenced him to the hospital for the criminal insane at Bridgewater.

Ferron, after killing the woman, with whom he had been living with for some time, chopped the body to pieces with an axe. He tried to give himself up to the Nashua police and then attempted suicide by jumping into the canal at Lowell. He was captured in Quebec.

The murdered woman's name is actually Florida LaRiviere and I have yet to figure out if this Henri connects to our Ferron line. I should note that the only Henri Ferron that I have in my database is Joseph Neree Ferron, son of Claude and Georgiana Rabouin, born 25 Aug 1891 in St-Paulin, Maskinonge, Quebec. Neree married Rose Anna Gauthier in 1909. This couple, according to my databse, had 7 children. Neree died in on 25 Feb 1955 at his home in Dracut.

Sentimental Sunday: Riley - Maille Wedding At Sacred Heart

Forgot to publish yesterday. Published in the Lowell Sun on Thursday, September 6th, 1962, pg. 14. James and Patricia were my godparents.
Riley - Maille Wedding At Sacred Heart

LOWELL -- Miss Patricia R. Maille, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paule E. Maille of 163 Meadowcroft street, became the bride of James E. Riley of 81 Prince street, August 25, at a 10 o'clock nuptial mass at the Sacred Heart church. Rev. Albert Walls, OMI, officiated the ceremony.

Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a floor length imported gown of Chantilly lace fashioned with a sabrina neckline, detailed in sequins and seed pearls, a basque bodice and bouffant skirt designed with lace appliqued panels and a back detail of four tiers of lace. A jeweled crown held her fingertip veil of hand rolled silk illusion and she carried a cascade of slephanotis and ivy centered with an orchid.

Miss Gail Maille, sister of the bride, was attired in a shrimp silk over taffeta floor length gown designed with a scoop neckline and basque bodice. Her circular veil was attached with a matching cabbage rose. The bridesmaids, Miss Roberta Maille, sister of the bride and Miss Sharon Sheehan, and Miss Elaine Sheehan, both cousins of the bride were similary gowned in turquoise.

John Boyle was the best. The ushers were Claude Maille, brother of the bride, Dennis Riley, brother of the bridegroom, and Paul Farley, uncle of the bride.

Following a reception at a Pawtucket boulevard restaurant the couple left for a wedding trip to New York City. They will make their home in Dover, Del.

The bride, a graduate of Lowell high school, is a member of the Blessed Virgin sodality of the Sacred heart church.

The bridegroom, a graduate of Lowell high school, is serving with thr U. S. Air Force stationed in Dover, where he is attending IBM school.