Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: The Robillard Family, Cimetière Saint Joseph, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Here in this plot, Sec. C, Lot 12, are our Robillards. All of whom, at one time or another, were residents of Lowell, Massachusetts. Buried here are, Louis Joseph Zenon, 40 years old; who was the brother of Joseph Arthur Robillard, 69; who was the husband of Philomene Foucher, 71; who was the mother of Joseph Rosario, 54; who was the husband of Noella Bernier (Thurber), 79; who was the sister in law of Joseph Zenon Heria Robillard, 85; who was the husband of Louise E Wright, 93; who I think was the mother of Joseph 2j. I have the documentation for this plot and it is to be noted that, according to the plot documentaion, Joseph Rosario Robillard was removed from CT and buried at St-Joseph Cemetery, Chelmsford, MA in Oct. of 1946. He died in Bronx VA Hospital on 18 Oct. 1945. Sadly, I have yet to find an obituary for him.


  1. It would be great if we could find a link between our Robillard line of Mass. and yours. :-)

  2. Yes, definately. I am sure we connect somewhere. There are a great many Robillard branches within my database that I have yet to investigate. I also have a few Ducharme/Robillard marriages as well, but not this one. I will keep you in mind next time I am browsing through the Drouin records or BMS2000! Thanks for sharing ; )

  3. Looking through some old research that is not yet in my db. I find a Pierre married to a Henriette Ducharme, date unknown. A child born to parents of the same names, Odila, born 31 Dec. 1856 @ St-Jean-de-Matha, Joliette, Quebec. Baptised on the 1st of Jan. 1857. Godfather is Maxime Robillard, godmother is Odila Gauthier. (BMS2000) Not sure if this relates, probably not. You should try and find a marriage record or a her baptismal record as she may have went by more than one name.. The Quebec Research list is always helpful.

  4. Also found, looking through my mounds of stuff, a Eugene, with the same parent's names as I mentioned above, he marries an Edwidge Parent (Andre, Sophie Dubeault) 17 Oct 1870, Ste-Emelie-de-L'Energie, Joliette, QC. (BMS2000) Sorry I couldn't be more help. I'll keep you in mind and contact you should I come across anything.


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