Thursday, February 04, 2010

Robillard Raogk - Where We Connect

A couple of weeks ago I started a small project for a fb friend of mine, Leo Cotnoir. Leo's great grandfather was Onesime Robillard and he was curious to find out if my Robillard line and his connected. When he first presented this question, my immediate response was that I was sure our lines crossed somewhere but where. With that being said, I started the research. It didn't take long to find out where we were connected. Once you get to a certain point in the Robillard ancestry everything is easy peasy. So with out further ado here is Leo Cotnoir's Robillard line.

1. Onesime Robillard (George, Emelie Heynemand) was born on 8 August 1862 at Lanoraie. He married Exilda Daigle. [personal knowledge of Leo Cotnoir]

2. George Robillard (Magloire, Marie Rose Gilbert dit Comtois) married Emelie Heynemand (Louis Gonzague, Sophie Marion) 27 Nov 1857 at the parish of St-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, Berthier, Quebec

3. Magloire Robillard (Louis, Marie Madeleine Wagner) married Marie Rose Gilbert dit Comtois 27 Jan 1829 at the parish of St-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, Berthier, Quebec.

All of the information above, except for Onesime's marriage, was found in the Drouin collection and I have the images, if anyone needs them please contact me.

4. Louis Robillard(Joseph, Marie Charles Charlotte Cochon) married Marie Madeleine Wagner(Georges, M. Angelique Delome) November 11th 1799 at Lanoraie. [Prdh familiy # 36451, couple # 82033]

5. Joseph Robillard (Claude, Marie. Judith Delpe) was born on December 25th 1738 at St-Sulpice. He married Marie Charles Charlotte Cochon(Jacques, Marie Catherine Morissette) on June 16th 1760 at Lavaltrie. [Prdh individu #158767, individu # 158766, couple # 36451]

Here is where Leo's Robillard line meets with mine.

6. Claude Robillard, Leo's ancestor, was the bother of Pierre Robillard, which of whom I descend. Pierre married Marie Amable Beignet (Francois, Marie Anne Brault) on August 8th at St-Sulpice. Claude Robillard, Leo's ancestor, was born on Feb 4th 1714 at St-Sulpice. He married Marie Judith Delpe dit Belair (Jean-Baptiste, Marie Madeleine Menard) on June 26th 1737 at St-Sulpice [Prdh individu # 97863, #97864] Both brothers, Claude and Pierre, were the sons of Joseph Robillard and Marie Marguerite Bazinet dit Tourblanche.

7 .Joseph (8. Claude, Marie Grandin) and Marguerite Bazinet dit Tourblanche (Antoine, Francoise Janot dit La Chapelle) were married on the 20th of April 1711 at the parish of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Ile de Montreal, Present at their marriage were Joseph's father, Claude; his brother, Claude; Joseph Trottier, Francoise Guillain, second spouse of Antoine Bazinet; Joseph Bazinet and Francoise Beauchamp.

Although I have the Drouin image for this marriage it is easier for me to cite Prdh mariage #11566. This information is also available in the Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes, Volume 7 1700-1760.

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