Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Marriage of Pierre Zotique Chandonnet and Sephora Germain

This week's Treasure Chest Thursday features a photograph of Pierre Zotique Chandonnet (Charles, Esther Auger) and his wife Sephora Germain. This photgraph was sent to me by their g-g-g-grand daughter, and my first cousin once removed, Emma Loofbourrow. She sent this to me on Feb. 12th 2008 along with several other photographs of the Chandonnet family.

Pierre Zotique Chandonnet and Sephora Germain were married on September 14th 1875 at the parish of Ste-Emmelie-de-Leclercville, Lotbiniere, Quebec.

[Drouin, 1875, Ste-Emmelie, Co. Lotbiniere, pg.9, M.6., Zotique Chandonnet et Sephora Germain, register photocopy to the Greffe of Quebec]

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