Thursday, February 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Robillards

Following in the footsteps of my earlier Wordless Wednesday post, here is another photograph of the Robillard Reunion ca.1978.

This photo includes my grandparents as well as all of my paternal uncles and aunts with their spouses at that time.

Back row: Joe, Jim, Bob, Frank, Joe (my Pepere), Jerry (my Dad), Leonce Chandonnet, Richard, and Robert Greene

Front row: Evelyn Robillard (Falk), wife of Joe; Pauline Robillard (Barraclaugh), wife of Jim; Lorraine Robillard (Mercier), wife of Bob; Louise Robillard (Wright), my Memere and wife of my Pepere Joe; Pauline Robillard (Maille), my Mom and wife of Jerry; Rose Chandonnet (Robillard), wife of Leonce; Cheryl Robillard (St-John), wife of Richard.

Like the previous Wordless Wednesday photo, this too was also rec'd from my cousin Alan in Alaska.. All of my scans from this event are in .tiff format, which is too large a format to post here. However, I have chosen a few that I will be converting to .jpg and they could appear here on my blog in a future post..

Note: there is one spouse missing from this photo, my Uncle Frank's wife, at the time, Thelma Robillard (Wells), I believe she was sick during time.

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