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The Obituary of Pierre Zotique Chandonnet, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1917

Published in the Lowell Sun on Monday May 21 1917 pg. 1.
Capt. Pierre Zotique Chandonnet, a well known resident of this city died last evening at his home, 50 Endicott street, after an illness of a couple of months, at the age of 76 years and 3 months. Deceased is survived by his wife; four sons, Henri, Charles and Arthur of this city and Edmond of Boston; two daughters, Louisiana and Alice Chandonnet of this city.

Capt. Chandonnet was born in Canada but had been a resident of Lowell for over 50 years. At the age of 21 he entered the employ of the Canadian government on one of its dredgers in the St. Lawrence river and it was about 3 years ago that he retired. Some 15 or 20 years ago he was promoted to the position of captain and was in charge of one the biggest dredgers in the St. Lawrence. Some time after his arrival in this country Capt. Chandonnet became naturalized but despite the fact that he was a citizen of the United States his services were of such vain[?] to the Canadian government, that every year he received a call to the dredger.

Capt. Chandonnet spent about five months in Canada every year, leaving this city in the latter part of April, not to return again until the dredging season was over in the latter part of September. About three years ago he retired and since that time up to a couple of months ago he had devoted most of his time tilling the ground and keeping his home in Endicott street in good condition. The captain was a familiar figure about the streets of Lowell and he counted a host of friends who will be grieved to learn of his death. He was a prominent and fervent attendant of St. Joseph's church and was connected with several church organizations.
This write up appeared twice in the Lowell Sun, once with a picture, and another time with out the picture. I have both copies. I found this article when I was researching the Chandonnets in 2008 for a cousin of mine. I was able to follow this Chandonnet line back to the immigrant ancestor, Charles Chandonnet, (Gaitien, Marguerite Legay). Charles Chandonnet was from the parish of St-Calais, eveche du Mans, France. He was a sergeant with les troupes de ce pays at the time of his marriage. He married Elisabeth Bourget (Pierre, Marie-Jean Viens) at the parish of Notre Dame in Quebec City, Quebec on June 13th 1712. He died on June 27th 1756 and was buried on June 28th 1756 at the cemetery of the parish of Notre Dame, Quebec, Quebec.

My database is filled with the descendants of Charles and Elisabeth as I spent a lot of time on this line. So please feel free to contact me with comments or questions. I welcome them.

Here is my transcript of Pierre Zotique Chandonnet's baptism
Le dix neuf janvier mil huit quarante sept nous Pretre soussigne avons baptere Pierre Zotique ne le meme jour du legitime mariage de Charles Chandonnet, Cultivateur, et d'Esther Auger de St. Jean Deschaillons. Parrain de Nazier Chandonnet, marraine, Esther Auger soussignes.
Born the 19th of January in 1847 and baptised the same day at the parish of St-Pierre-Les-Becquets. His parents were Charles Chandonnet and Esther Auger. His god parents were Nazire Chandonnet and Esther Auger.

[Gabriel Drouin, Institut Genealogique Drouin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Le Fonds Drouin, 1621-1967. Quebec Vital Records, 1847 St-Pierre-les-Becquets, Co-Nicolet, P.Q., pg. 3., B.7., Zotique Chandonnet, register photocopy to the greffe of Trois-Rivieres P.Q.]

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