Monday, April 12, 2010

Madness Monday: JUDGE BOND Sentenced Ferron to Insane Hospital at Bridgewater

Published in the Lowell Sun, Wednesday January 26th, 1910, pg. 4.
BOSTON, Jan 26 -- Henri Ferron of Lowell was yesterday judged to be insane at the time of the murder of Mrs. Flora Rivers at Lowell on July 1, 1909, for which he was indicted in the first degree. Judge Bond immediately sentenced him to the hospital for the criminal insane at Bridgewater.

Ferron, after killing the woman, with whom he had been living with for some time, chopped the body to pieces with an axe. He tried to give himself up to the Nashua police and then attempted suicide by jumping into the canal at Lowell. He was captured in Quebec.

The murdered woman's name is actually Florida LaRiviere and I have yet to figure out if this Henri connects to our Ferron line. I should note that the only Henri Ferron that I have in my database is Joseph Neree Ferron, son of Claude and Georgiana Rabouin, born 25 Aug 1891 in St-Paulin, Maskinonge, Quebec. Neree married Rose Anna Gauthier in 1909. This couple, according to my databse, had 7 children. Neree died in on 25 Feb 1955 at his home in Dracut.


  1. My goodness, how awful. I hope he isn't in your family. Sure glad they caught him. Thanks Michelle.

  2. He probably IS connected to my Ferron line, the question is where? The good news is that I don't believe he is a direct descendant of my g-g-grandfather Claude, I pretty much have all of his 15 children accounted for.